Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Pilates anyone?

Z hit the IAP this week for his 6 month checkup....yeah it is a little late....better late than never! He still isn't walking and evidently it is because he needs to strengthen his core.....ok who doesn't. In my household everyone needs a little pilates. They seriously recommended a pilates ball for my little guy....of course we got other exercises to do with him too. I love telling he isn't walking yet - he needs to strengthen his core.

In other news, Bingo, the baby to be is somewhat of an exhibitionist. Every time we go get an ultrasound (starting with the 13 week high risk screen) the first thing identifiable is his boy parts. We went to the Fetal Anomoly clinic today because his 20 week ultrasound showed cysts in his choroid plexus - that is the part of the brain that makes CSF. I knew it was probably nothing so I wasn't worried about it - but I figured what the heck they have a killer ultrasound machine and pictures are fun! The first thing seen....even when they are looking for a guessed it - boy parts. L went with us and her favorite part was the doppler part when she could see the blood. She kept complaining that the pictures didn't have any blood in them. She definitely liked that part. By the way - there were no cysts they could find and no evidence of anything anomolous anywhere else except his overwhelming lack of modesty!

After the doctor's office we headed down to the social security office to finally get Z's social security number and card. It was very easy - it still took about an hour - but I had images of hours and hours and melt downs and poopie diapees. I have to wait 2 weeks to get it in the mail though. I was under the impression they could just enter everything into the computer and print that bad boy out and give it to such luck. We got an extension on our taxes because our accountant said we need his social security number to get our tax credit. I don't believe him, but what do I know. I know I don't care enough to research it or even discuss it - just get the extension, get the social security number and spend my energy on the things I do care shopping!

I have been on vacation this week and spent a crapload of money on Monday and Tuesday. Keith was out of town and I went shopping. I bought some new shirts for me at target.....omg can I just say the maternity clothes at Target are designed for freaking Mrs. Roper. It is all disgusting looking mumu's that are trying to be hip or something. UGG. I bought 2 sleeveless shirts from the stretchy, empire -waist teen Merona section....I am not afraid to say yes I am a pregnant 35 year old buying my maternity clothes in the junior section of Target. Gap maternity online is letting me down big time.

Z got a whole new summer wardrobe and I severely overcompensated for my dissapointment in not being able to decorate a new nursery in pink cherry blossoms by buying L a ridiculous amount of new summer clothes. She has officially moved across the aisle to the girl clothes from the toddler clothes....yeah she is an "XS" but she is over go girl. Z is like in the 25 and 50 th percentiles of the growth curve and my bio daughter is finally approaching the curve (after falling off of it completely at one year old!)

Tomorrow is my spa day. For my birthday last year (september), Keith bought me a gift certificate for the spa at the bed and breakfast we had our wedding at. I am finally redeeming it and I am super excited about it. I quit biting my fingernails like a month ago in preparation for my first manicure....of course they all started breaking off on Sunday so now they are a ratty mess...oh well....I am sure after the hot stone treatment I just won't care about my fingernails....although I am not quite sure what a hot stone treatment is. I have a sneaking suspicion that I am too tightly wound to appreciate a pampering day of relaxation. I already know I can't stand massages - it took me a long time to get my muscles in these little tight bundles of stress management! However, I know I need a pedicure and I am totally going to Zappos after I finish this post and look for some new sandles.

One of my friends from work wants to have a shower for me.....I certainly appreciate the gesture - but I have 3 kids and everything I could possible want. I would love to have a party with friends and food though. I thought maybe I could suggest a get together either with no gifts or with gifts for the orphanage in Ghana we were going to adopt from. I have had mixed reactions from people when I try to infuse a little social responsiblity into gift giving occasions and I don't want to seem unappreciative or snobby....any suggestions on what to say or other ideas?

My husband is giving me a guilt trip because he is the basement playroom erecting the 8th wonder of the world - otherwise known as our built in shelving...while I am upstairs on the computer ignoring him. So now I head downstairs and marvel that I am married to such a renaissance man. He really can do anything - I think it is the eagle scout training! Girls, you gotta get you one of them.


Tapsalteerie said...

Beckett had to do the same pilates thing at his PT. I thought it was so silly as she just did silly little exercises with him but POOF!! after every single session he was stronger and then one day he just decided to walk. Seriously. Just up and walked. We still work on his core muscles but he thinks we're playing so it's all good.

We had to file an extention too. First time I've ever had to do that. Annoys me, but hey that's life.

Isn't the hot stone thing where they place heated stones on pressure points on your back? Or down your spine or something? I don't know... never tried it.

Hope you have a grand day out at the spa!

Michelle said...

I didn't actually get the hot stone thing - but I did get a fancy facial that was totally the best part of the day! I felt super pampered and then came home and scraped playdough off of the wood floors!

LaJoy Family said...

Yes, sad to say, you DO have to have the SS# for the tax credit. Isn't that the pits? It's not the first thing you think about when you come home with a child and it hits you at tax time when it is too late to get it quickly.

Wish I had one of those Eagle Scout hubby's...guess I just have to raise me some Eagle Scout sons! hahaha!

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