Sunday, May 11, 2008

A quick complaint

So Adoption Alliance is having it's annual Kyrgyzstan Family picnic on August 3rd. I totally want to go....there is no way. Bingo is due to arrive August 22nd. Even if he gets here early - I can't tote a month old baby on an airplane....just asking for problems (although technically his immune system will still have my circulating adult antibodies until 6 months when his immune system will be at it's weakest). If he is not here - I don't think I should really travel at 38 weeks...that is really asking for trouble: dvt's, labor etc. So I am soooooooo totally bummed. I am totally going next year though.

If he is born in July we might go....I have totally just talked myself into it. Now if someone could devise a way to convince a baby to be born on cue I am all set!

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