Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am tooo old

Isn't this a great house? I have been trying to sell it for about 10 months now. It is my house in Birmingham or as I like to call it....the albatross around my neck. I finally got off my lazy butt and rented it. Now, I am a Dr., a mom, a wife, an employer and a landlord. Last year at this time ...I was a mooch living off my parents....ok it wasn't that bad but close!

I really do love the house - it is just the right size for me and L and Z and it is only like 10 minutes from work. But lucky for me there are significantly more people in my family now (or soon to be).

I am sooo huge - I officially have 7 more weeks of miserable fat-ness but every morning I wake up now and cross my fingers that today is the day. I am truly hugely miserable. Thank goodness I am now finished with the month in the ICU. Waking up at 345am every morning and hauling my big stomach to work then working 32 hours straight every fourth day was starting to take it's toll! It is amazing the things you can do when you have to do them though. I was not optimistic about being able to make it through this grueling month while pregnant - but somehow I just did it. Believe me, it was grueling, but I know that I am lucky to be where I am and I certainly appreciate the amazing opportunities I have had in my life.

The second exciting benefit of having finally rented my house is that now we have enough money to start working on our homestudy to readopt Zeb. We had to wait a year after Keith and I got married to start that so that we can readopt him together. My original homestudy was done in Az as a single mom, so some things had changed.

There has been some discussion on the benefits of readopting in the US - Z came home on the IR-3 visa (I think that's right) the 2 trip one so he has his citizenship and social security card. I want him to be able to get copies of a birth certificate should he need one for something later. I can't tell you how many times I have had to send away for a certified copy of my birth certificate for some stupid thing.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kaz tourism

I just got a comment on a post from last year when I was making travel arrangements for my pick up trip. Evidently I had some problems confirming my reservation at the hotel Grand Eurasia and said something about the people at Kaztourism not answering my first email....which they didn't. Maybe it was lost in transit, maybe I sent it to the wrong email who knows....

I just wanted to clarify that I loved the service I got from Kaztourism and from the Grand Eurasian Hotel and I always recommend both!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

sit and spin

I Love the sit and spin....I had one for years. Eventually the top part of it came off and I still played with it by standing on it and twisting. Lilianna has had this one for years but now Z is discovering the joy of spinning around and around until you fall over. He spins around in circles standing up too. It is really funny, he takes these awkward little steps around and around and then tilts his head to the side and tries to walk straight, falls over and laughs hysterically.
Z started at school last week - it is actually a mother's day out - he goes on Tuesday and Thursday from 9 to 2. He and L go to the same place now. Ironically, our first nanny is now teaching at the school and she is Z's teacher. On Thursday, his second day at school, he was bit by another kid. I was sooooo furious....not the way I wanted to welcome Zeb into group childcare/school. However, after talking to the teacher, I realized that Z is kind of a bully. He is smaller than the other kids a litte bit, but the boy loves food and is totally rolling the other kids for their fruit at lunch. He has to sit by the teacher at lunch time so she can protect the other kids from him. I was concerned for about 5 minutes that it was the manifestation of food issues you read about in post institutionalized kids....but seriously, I think that Z just likes to eat. He will refuse food now if he is full and sometimes just doesn't feel like eating or only wants to eat certain things.
Keith and O are out of town this week at a boy scout camp in New Mexico. My parents came into town to help with the kids since I am drowning at work - I am in the SICU this month and it is a little time consuming. I have been teasing Keith for months (since he told me he was leaving me alone with Z and L for a week while I was in the SICU and 29 weeks pregnant) that I was going to have the baby while he was the clock starts now. I have one week to make good on my threats! I hope they have a good time, but I am still somewhat resentfull at the timing - I can admit it. There really couldn't have been a worse time for him to leave me alone - except maybe in August when Bingo really is due. I suppose with lots of therapy I will forgive him...haha. I am probably just resentfull that I have to take the garbage out on Tuesday - although I think Keith and I both know I am going to forget to do it!
My parents did come into town yesterday and are taking the kids to my sisters house in Cincinatti on Monday for the week so I am going to be all alone all week. It has been a long time since I have been alone. Party at my house...haha. Lilianna is really looking forward to seeing her cousin - it has been a year since she has seen them and she is very, very excited. It has been several months since she has seen my parents so she has been really, really excited about that. She loooooves my dad so much. We lived with them for probably as long as she can remember and it was soooo hard for her when we moved away from them. It may have actually been harder on my dad - he is such a softee!
I have been a little bit worried at how Z will do away from mom and dad for 5 days....especially dad...he is kind of a daddy's boy. He is doing really good with my parents though. I think it helps that L is sooo good with him and has been showing him "how to play with poppy".
Rambling in a post-call haze!
Congratulations to Suzanne who will soon be on her way to meet her new pumpkin! Parenting is soooo much fun!

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