Thursday, July 10, 2008

Am I coming or going?

Zeb is driving us to the hospital! He loves pretending like he is many buttons so little time!
Ben is doing so good! He is off the caffeine day 2 today without any episodes of apnea....if he keeps up the good breathing he could come home next friday. He is also eating pretty good...he is breastfeeding once a day and mostly bottle feeding every 3 hours (19mls...which is such a small amount!) He did have some OG feeds last night because the nurse thought he was too pooped out to suck. He has to be here 7 days no matter what so it doesn't really bother me if a couple of times they put down the feeding tube to give him a break. I just want him to gain enough weight that he can breastfeed more than once a day!
We live about 45 mins to an hour from the hospital so I feel like I spend the whole day in the car and don't get anything else done but my 3 visits to the hospital. I have a yearly in training standardized exam to take on Saturday that I am trying to study for a little bit in between visiting you can imagine my time mangement is not going so well. I feel like I have a million things to do, nothing is organized and I can't seem to get anything is great. At least I am not trying to do all of this stuff and work at the same time! After my test on Saturday the next thing on my list is to finish Z's post placement worksheet ...actually I have written out the answers i just have to type it up and send it to the translator. I need to print a couple of pictures as well. I will probably do that on Sat night.
I am rambling on when I should be studying about local anesthetics and airway management!


janiece said...

OMG--don't read for a couple of days and look what I find??? Congratulations!!! He looks wonderful and he'll catch up. I've seen babies born much earlier and they have done fine. You'll just have to tell him he was eager to come out and see the fireworks!

Jackie S said...

Glad all is going well, Michelle. A bit of a crazy time for you, but you seem to be managing nicely. Don't forget to take some time to rest, too ;)

Good luck on the exam. Jackie

Shannon said...

Holy Crap! Where have I been???? Truth is, I've been a little self-absorbed - I'm emailing you with some info!!

Anyway, congratulations - Ben is absolutely gorgeous and so is his mommy! You look fantastic! I am so happy for all of you - what a difference a year makes, huh?

Can't wait to hear more and see more, of course!

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