Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Birthday party

I wanted to post some pictures of the L's birthday party - but my stupid camera won't download pictures right now. I just don't have the time to mess with it now though! L came home on Saturday - yeah. She was gone for 5 weeks...a long and eventfull 5 weeks. This is the second summer in a row she has come home from her dad's with a new little brother! We stopped by the NICU on Saturday so she could meet Ben. He was still in the isolet so she couldn't touch him...but she loved his little baby fingers. She kept saying...he is soooo small look at his cute little baby fingers. When I breastfed him she kept saying "he is sooo cute when he breastfeeds". How funny is that?

On Sunday, we had L's birthday party at the McWane Science Center - which is a superfun interactive science center for kids. We are members and the kids love to go there - a lot. O had his birthday there this year and L was soooo excited to have one there too. They brought in animals for the kids to pet and learn about. A tortoise, a turtle, a gecko, and a chinchilla. I think the chinchilla was the biggest hit. Incidently, Keith used to have a pet chinchilla and I think whenever we bring up the possibility of pets entering our house he secretly hopes there is a chinchilla involved! L had a great time, but her dad brought her home sick so she was asleep on my lap 2 1/2 hours into the party. They do an hour of program and cake/presents and then all the kids run around the science center and play....the running around and playing wiped her out!

Also on Sunday, Ben went into a little crib and he has managed to keep his temperature up he is still in the little crib. Unfortunately, he has been having more episodes of apnea and bradycardia so they restared him on the caffeine citrate yesterday. However, since he is doing good with eating (he is at discharge goal for intake....yeah) and with his temperature - they are going to discharge him on the caffeine with an apnea monitor for us to use at home. So he may be coming home 72 hours from yesterday when they restarted the caffeine. Keith and I have to go to apnea monitor training and our insurance has to approve the apnea monitor. Of course, there are no guarantees when he is coming home until he is home (boy that sounds familiar!) I have to admit - last night I went in to feed him after they started him on the caffeine and he ate better and was very alert - more than the previous days. Let's face it .... we are just a caffeine-loving family.

A couple of months ago I tried to use our flex spending health care credit card at Starbucks because it looks kind of like one of my debit cards....I couldn't figure out for like a day why my debit card didn't work. Needless to say - Ben might be the first member of our family to actually be able to use the flex spending card at Starbucks!

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