Thursday, July 17, 2008

Boy am I a whiney baby!

My last post seemed sooooo whiney. I am not really trying to complain. I feel very lucky and those little things that I am moaning about are really just tiny little things. I really do feel lucky to have all that I have. Just in case anyone thought I didn't appreciate my life....I really do!


Maria said...

Anyone who has EVER had a child knows how hard it is and to add to it all you are having to do that is extra -- the stress just builds up. It's ok to vent and makes you feel better!! HUGS!!

janiece said...

You have every right to feel overwhelmed and stressed. This is the best place to let it all out. No matter how much you love them and are grateful for them, children do bring stress to our lives.
I'm sending you a big hug too!

Marissa said...

Everyone needs a good cry now and then... even you. It doesn't make you any less capable to handle your life or any less happy. It just means you are human (which I always assumed you were). There is nothing more heartbreaking than leaving your new baby at the hospital. It is stressful and lonely, in a very strange way, especially for people like us. We feel like we have to put on this stoic face because it could be worse, and we know that. However, it is okay to be sad. Only a couple more days and L will be home to give you a big hug. Love you!

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