Saturday, July 5, 2008

Picture month

I love Tina's idea of picture I was going to post 4 pictures on the july 4th to catch up and then post a picture a day....however....I was sidetracked.

I went into labor Friday and all the miracles of modern pharmacology were unable to stop at 854 this morning Benjamin Xavier made his debut at 33 weeks old and 4lbs 8oz. Even though he was small he did really good at delivery....apgars 8 and 9. However, that changed when he went to the NICU and he is having some respiratory problems that will keep him in the NICU an estimated 10-14 days if all goes well.

I am feeling a little bit guilty since I had been complaining about how miserable-y fat and uncomfortable I was. I even talked a lot about going into labor a little early....however, I didn't expect my gravid uterus to evict my little boy 7 weeks early.

I am now trying to take the rest of July off....if any of you readers are familiar with the graduate resident training calendar...July is the absolute worst time in the world to take time off. Especially at my program because the entire entering class doesn't take any call this month (leaving quite a load for the rest of us). So my tempermental uterus has not only hosed my poor son, but it has hosed then entire anesthesia department at UAB....go big or go home right?!

I will post some pictures as soon as my man gets back with Z and the camera cable. We don't have anyone to watch Z while at the we are all rooming in with the pack and play and unlimited graham crackers!


Rachel said...

Congratulations on your delivery, even if it was not the best timing for you or the little guy or the hospital!

I am familiar with the hellish month of July for residencies and teaching hospitals. I hope you are able to take the time you need!

Again, congratulations! :)

Rachel (we exchanged emails a while back about KG adoption and residencies)

Amira said...

Congratulations and good luck!

Jackie S said...

Congratulations, Michelle & family!! I am sending good thoughts for Benjamin, and you.

Can't wait to see pictures. Now go and get some rest :)

Maria said...

Sorry that little man couldn't hang out a little longer, BUT congratulations on his birth. I know you are excited to finally see his face and hold him!

Lisa B and Family said...

Welcome Baby B!

The Stevens said...


Mala said...

Congrats! Hope the little man can come home soon!

imtina said...

Oh my goodness Michelle!!! Congratulations on darling Ben. He has so much beautiful hair too.

Oh, I'm just thrilled for all of you!!!


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