Saturday, July 26, 2008

still no pictures

We are frantically trying to move the rooms around in the house - right now they are about half moved and the entire house is in utter chaos....umm yeah chaos is the right word. I have had another opportunity to appreciate the sheer volume of stuffed animals in our possession right is completely ridiculous.

In the midst of all of this chaos is poor little Ben who finally came home yesterday afternoon. He doesn't really seem so small to us anymore because we are used to seeing a 4 pound baby....but man is he small. He has an apnea monitor that weighs about 3 times more than he does. He hasn't had any real problems with apnea since he has been home....but his heart rate does frequently go lower than 80 so that goes off. It beeps super loud usually about 3 or 4 times and probably scares the heebeejeebees out of Ben which increases his heartrate...problem solved.

While we are trying to get the room situation sorted out - Ben is sleeping in a super cute bassinet in our room. I also indulged in a new pack and play so the old one could go to our nanny's house and be used as a little bassinet. There are of course things I a place to actually put his clothes and blankets...right now I am using a Similac paper bag (that is like a gift bag). I know there was some talk about all of the free stuff you get from formula companies....dude all I got was an 8 pack of 60ml's of similac advance which is already gone on home day #2...and a little black diaper bag that is too small to really use if you have 2 in diapers or if you aren't breastfeeding - ironic that it is from a formula company. I also got 2 boxes of pampers wipees and about 12 diapers. The little preemie diapers are soooo small and they are still too big for Ben.

Seriously it is sooo nice to have him home...I know that is an obvious statement - but it was so hard to get to the hospital to see him and then to have 3 other kids to manage and still be able to get in to see him and breastfeed him was a challenge and we really only had to do that for 3 days after my mom left. I can't imagine how frustrating it would have been if we had been on our own the whole 20 days. Being home with so many kids has it's own set of difficulties - mostly just with Zeb because when I am feeding ben it is hard to jump up grab his monitor and book it across the room to prevent hurrican Zeb from jumping off of the couch (which he can climb in record time!)

L and O are always fighting over who has gotten to hold his little hands the most. It is funny. L wants to share everything with him. I think it is kind of a denoument for the new little brother to be a real baby who can't really do much. L's last new little brother was older, of course, and could interact and play a lot more than Ben can.

I am heading back to work on Monday for one week while Keith takes next week off and then I will be home the following week to watch Ben and to get L ready for her first day of kindergarten which is Aug 7th. I am really looking forward to spending some time shopping with L. I feel like I haven't seen her all summer! Her real birthday is on July 31st and I promised her I would make her this crazy princess I somehow have to squeeze that in....thank goodness for cake decorating frosting premade in the bag.

Must go make some delicious hamburger helper!


Maria said...

You sound like a poster child for Valium. :-) Seriously, it sounds crazy hectic around your house, so don't forget to take care of yourself! Glad Ben is home!!

Marissa said...

Wow... I am glad Ben is home... I can't believe L starts school so soon. Isobel doesn't start until 8/19 and the first three days is testing. I am glad everyone is home now. Give hugs and kisses to all from Aunt Missy. We Love you guys.

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