Monday, July 28, 2008


I started back to work today. Ben is doing good, except he had "loose connection" alarms going off all night. I kept waking up and retaping or pushing the leads back on instead of taking the 2 minutes to just replace them and I paid the sleepiness consequences today.

Z is so sweet with Ben - it was a little unexpected on my part. I think I was underestimating Z's maturity. I didn't think that at 20 months Z would be all that interested in his little brother. Boy was I wrong. Last night I was home alone with Z, L and Ben. L was chililn out watching tv, I was feeding Ben in the rocking chair in our living room and Z was running around crazy trying to eat as many wipees as he could get his hands on and he came over and starting gently rubbing Ben's head saying what was very close to the word baby. Which was great because Z is having some speech delayment issues - right now he only says mom, dad, ow, uh-oh and peekaboo...not the best vocabulary for an almost 2 year old! He was very interested in Ben and was very sweet. For all of his "i am now entering my terrible 2"- ness that he has been displaying lately...he was very, very sweet. Reminding me again what a good kid he is and how lucky we are.

Starting work again kind of sucked....I will be honest about it. I love my job, I really do....but it would have been nice to stay home for a few more weeks and get the house organized (right like that is really going to happen!), spend time getting L ready for school and her new room (that is all her own!) organized. Also, Keith is home this week and it would have been nice to spend some time with him. Oh least I don't have any call scheduled for this month (yet!).

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