Tuesday, August 26, 2008

one year ago today

So today is my anniversary. It is also Keith's anniversary too....although you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the gifts each of us got. I got Keith a cool little frame with pictures of the kids in it for him to take to work. I was thinking ...be cheap...we have homestudies and other assorted adoption expenses to pay for.....I also was thinking...I have no idea what to get him! He got me way too much. I am officially an eight cow wife. He got me an espresso machine and a super beautiful pearl necklace....and I got him a picture frame.

Our fabulous new nanny stayed late and we went out to Dinner at KOBE. I love watching someone set my food on fire.

It is so weird to think that we have only been married one year. Seriously, I feel like we are an old married couple in a good way. I can't imagine life without him around. I can't believe how hard my life used to be and I didn't even know it. 2 years ago I thought I was happy...I was the happiest I had ever been and now, looking back, it was hard work and I wasn't nearly as happy as I am now.

I feel like finding Keith was some sort of reward for something good I may have done in my life - not that I feel like I deserve any kind of reward for anything. In fact, I frequently feel like I don't deserve my life right now. I am just so lucky.

You would think that I might feel overwhelmed - 4 kids (2 under 2yo), and a job that requires 60-80 hours a week - but I just feel lucky...ok and somewhat tired! 90% of the reason I am not overwhelmed and I feel lucky is because of Keith.

Thank you and I love you.


The Stevens said...

Happy Anniversary! Glad to see you so happy with life! It's a great place to be!

Shannon said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!!! Isn't life great?!

Jackie S said...

Happy Anniversary Michelle & Keith!!

Marissa said...

It certainly isn't because you were so very nice to your sister... Happy Anniversary!

Suzanne said...

Now, THIS a lovely anniversary gift for Keith.


Tapsalteerie said...

Happy Anniversary :) I think you and Keith are so great together :)

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