Friday, August 29, 2008

Three years ago today

I know that hurricane Katrina changed a lot people's lives. I evacuated from New Orleans the saturday before the hurricane about a day and a half before it hit with my daughter, her dad, his mother and our dog. It was not really a big deal at the time - I thought we would just have a long weekend in College Station, Texas (the closest Hotel we could find!). I was surprised when the levees broke and instead of heading back on Tuesday - we drove on to Tucson to stay with my parents until the whole mess sorted out.

Although my first marriage kind of had the writing on the wall by about the second month of my first year of medical school....hurricane Katrina was the death knell.

L's dad went back to New Orleans three weeks later and we went back at the beginning of October. L's dad quickly left for North Louisiana and it was me, a 2 year old, a dog and a big box of MRE's. That is no way to live if you don't have to live that way...although i can't complain about the MRE's talk about easy preparation and a full balanced meal...mmm.

I may have talked about the night I decided I was taking L back to Tucson. I picked her up at her day care and she really wanted chicken nuggets...I spent 2 hours driving around a dark city trying to find a grocery store or restaurant open at 430pm with a crying 2 year old.

So why do I mention this - I was overwhelmed, lonely, and spent my time in the post-hurricane New Orleans really being introspective-trying to figure out what was important to me. I think if it hadn't been for Hurricane Katrina coupled with that time I spent alone with Lilianna in post-Katrina New Orleans - I wouldn't have the wonderful life I have today. My first marriage would have staggered on in a totally dysfunctional but doable way for who knows how long and I purposefully was not interested in bringing another child into that dysfunctional situation....

So..what I am trying to say is that without Hurricane Katrina's influence on my life I wouldn't be nearly this happy, there would be no Zeb, Ben, O or Keith. Like many people from the gulf coast, Katrina changed my life.


charakan said...

Hi, So at last I found somebody who can thank Katrina for changing their life in a positive way. Yes only in adversity we know who is with you and who is not

Suzanne said...

Wow. What a story. It's a great reminder of how sometimes when you're not feeling ready or strong enough to make a change in your life, you life changes itself for you.


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