Monday, September 22, 2008

Growth chart

I am such a nay sayer on the whole topic of growth charts. I know there is a certain amount of information one can read into growth charts....but I am just not a believer. A.....heretofor referred to as Aaron...his soon to be new name.... is almost exactly the same size as Lilianna. He is also exactly 45 days older than Lilianna. Now, do you think it bothers me that both he and Lilianna are less than 3rd percentile on that precious growth curve? Ummm no.

In fact, Lilianna was on the growth curve and then fell of it around a year. It happens...sometimes kids are just built small. i have an inherent distrust with infusing a number with some sort of authority ....Yes, it is based in experimental data...that is true...but the human body doesn't always read the books or the data. Furthermore, even small kids need families and I believe that there is a bigger force at work when it comes to who joins my family.

Aaron is small, either he will stay small...or he will leave Lilianna in the dust after he is home for awhile. Of all the things to worry about when adopting a 5 year old...his size isn't really one of them. I suspect figuring out how to keep enough food in the house may be though!

Our child abuse back ground checks are back..only 2 more clearances until we can schedule our actual homestudy. is painfully slow....we have lots to keep us busy though!


Tapsalteerie said...

I so agree. Dandy is still not on the growth charts and we *think* he's about 5 years old. Beckett is most likely going to pass Dandy in size within the next year (they are currently only 4lbs apart in weight and the height is rapidly catching up).

Some kids are smaller, some are much bigger... but you're right, all kids need a family.

Shannon said...

Amen to that! E nicked the bottom of the charts last year, but then fell off again. He is my sweet, little peanut and I think he always will be. His spirit, however, is larger than life! :)

Monica said...

I'm so impressed with your energy to persevere into another adoption. I know for myself energy doesn't even factor into it because we're drawn to these children but still you DO seem to have energy! Our homestudy took WAY too long too. Time continues on tho and soon you will have that new guy home. SO exciting for your family! Best wishes!!!

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