Monday, September 29, 2008

Scary alligator

Lilianna has a little green alligator stuffed animal that has a eerie green push on light for it's belly. I am going to have to take a picture and post it. Anyway, it has been out of batteries for literally a year. Keith put a new battery in it yesterday and Lilianna was so excited to sleep with it...she kept calling it her cool nightlight. So bedtime came and she got her alligator and turned it on and asked me to shut the door all the way because she had her nightlight. About 10 minutes later we hear terrified screaming coming from Lilianna's I went running in...and she is lying in her bed..stiff and paralyzed in fear. I ask her what is wrong and she sobs "I'm afraid of my nightlight".
Actually, the alligator is kind of creepy and the green light it emits is really eerie. I bet the entire room bathed in that green light was super creepy. Her dad had given her the stuffed animal and she said she wanted me to send it back to him.
I promised we could go buy her a new nightlight that isn't scary.


Tapsalteerie said...

I hope L is over her scare! I bet the whole room glowing an eerie green was scary!

Xander has to sleep with this princess lamp of Sophie's on every night. It has a pink shade so the whole room is rosy pink. It's very soothing and he totally freaks if the bulb blows or if it gets turned off. I guess it's kinda weird, but pink has always been his favorite color :)

Michelle said...

Zeb's favorite color is sparkly lavender and he won't go to sleep unless he has his pink blanket that has stipes on one side and hearts on the other!

Tapsalteerie said...

Too funny Michelle! Did I mention that Sophie painted Xander's toe nails sparkly pink? When I asked why she only painted his toe nails she said "Mommy, he's a BOY" Oh... yeah... that makes sense!

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