Friday, September 5, 2008


I just received new pictures of A from a family in Kyrgyzstan now. Better than the pictures....I know what could be better than pictures.....she talked with him through her translator and told me about watching him play with the other kids. He likes toy cars and his favorite color is yellow. I love yellow - it is the color of happiness, sunshine...solnishka...if you will.

It was difficult to wait before. Now it is even more difficult. She said that he knew he was being observed so he was nervous. That kind of breaks my stressfull to a 5 yo to know that someone is watching you and I can only surmise that he must have known why he was being observed...was he thinking that based on how he acted he may or may not get a family. That seems like a lot of pressure. However, I know very little about his life before January so maybe there are a lot more stressfull things he has been through.

This personal information is making it very hard not to get attached although we understand that if Alabama drags it's feet - we could totally lose A's referral to another family. That also makes it a lot more difficult to be patient. It is a good thing I have a lot of faith in the process and the universe that everything will turn out right.

Tomorrow we are going to a workshop on international adoption of children 4yo and older put on by the University of Alabama International Adoption Clinic. Before yesterday we thought we were just going to a regular seminar that was required by our homestudy agency - I didn't necessarily feel like we needed an introductory lecture on IA, since we have already been through it once. Then I found out they have a 4yo and older track that discusses language, and school among other I am way more excited about going.


Shannon said...

How wonderful that you got new pics and more info through the translator! I can just feel your attachment growing and how could it not?! Hope you enjoy your class tomorrow - how coincidental. By the way, I love yellow, too, and I think that means he is a very bright and cheerful little boy.

LaJoy Family said...

Oh Michelle, I know just how you feel right now. How can you remain detached? It is impossible even though we try as we tell ourselves over and over again that anything can change. hang in there...

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