Sunday, October 12, 2008

bad mommy no pictures

I still don't have any pictures...I have been frantically reading and studying anesthesia everyday and it is just a struggle to stay one step ahead of the house disasters that occur while our Nanny is there. There has been more child related destruction to our house in the last 2 months than in the last 2 years. There is crayons on walls, chocolate milk on walls and floors, gouges in walls, crayons on appliances. It is also truly amazing how much food and soda 2 two year olds, a 4 month old and one nanny can consume. Of course, my 2 year old is not consuming any soda.....if I find out he is it will be the very last straw! Seriously, the nanny goes through like 12 cans of soda a day. I wouldn't mind the food and soda if I didn't have to scrub dried on chocolate milk off of my wood floors yesterday instead of spending time playing with my kids...I have vented..but I am looking for a new nanny because my house can't take much more destruction. UGGGG.

I was on call friday night and had a workshop until noon on Saturday and now I am on call it has been a busy weekend and my housekeeping has suffered. I was able to catch up a lot on it yesterday...but there is a lot to go. I fell behind last weekend too because we super cleaned out our went from so much stuff we haven't been able to park in there ... ever to being a carpetted room with table games, shelves and desks. We also have a full size bed in there we need to gussy up into a daybed. There is a lot of gussying up that needs to occur in there. Unfortunately, this weekend is 100% working weekend and next weekend is our first full family camping trip ( with a 4 month old and an apnea could be interesting).

There is somewhat of a rush on gussying up the house...the new preteen play area and some new walls we have to paint...thanks to the nanny...the rush is because we finally got our state clearance. We have to take everyone to the doctor for medicals and get 2 more of our references to send in their letters to Villa Hope...then it is home visit time. We are also having a super cool photographer come to our house on November 16th for our family pictures so I want to have some sort of picture - worthy place to take them!

Keith and I spent some time last night trying to find last minute...super cheesy couples halloween costumes. We didn't really find anything we liked...if anyone has a recommendation I am all ears! We looked at cinderella and prince charming, the incredibles, even Ketchup and mustard...nothing seemed quite right. I think our favorite one so far is either cheerleaders or giant penguin outfits.

Monday, October 6, 2008


despite the title I don't have any to post...but I am going to go home tomorrow and take some. Benjamin started social a little flirt yesterday. All day long he was a smiling happy baby. I loved it! Zeb has started showing tiny hints of sibling rivalry with the baby. Yesterday we went to Costco and I had to carry Benjamin and feed him and Zeb was having a come apart trying to climb out of the cart and onto me. I know it is wrong...but I was a little pleased that he wanted to give me some lovin! I never felt that Zeb ever expressed any attachment issues, but he has been about 150% more cuddly in the last couple of months and I love it. I have kind of always felt like second fiddle to fun it was nice to see that he likes me too!

I feel so lucky to have my life. I know I say that a lot, but I come to work and see lots of bad-ness. I see how tenuous health and life is and I want to enjoy my good fortune instead of spending all my time cleaning out the stupid garage. I was talking to Keith tonight about taking a weekend and just spend it doing something with the family relaxing...then we had to look at our calendars to schedule out family weekend in between my stupid ICU work schedule and a boyscout campout. So we may have time for a family outing sometime in early december...awesome. I love my job, but I hate the sheer time commitment residency takes up. I think I still feel guilty and somewhat angry towards work for Ben's early arrival. I worked 63 hours in the 4 days preceeding Ben's birth and then returned to work 3 weeks later only to be told that my residency director didn't think I was working hard enough. Evidently when you are 30 weeks pregnant working 80 hours a week in the ICU you are supposed to offer to do other people's work too...if you don't you aren't working hard enough. Ever since that episode, I really haven't had the enthusiasm for my job that I possessed last year. That being said...I really do love the work I do. I can't wait to be finished with residency and find a job that well....just isn't here!
We cleaned out our garage and made a preteen boy haven of table games...I will have to post a picture of that too. It is awesome. There is still some organizing that needs to get done down there...but it should be done very soon. I am hoping to get it done and try to have some sort of party...maybe try to meet some of the local FRUA members...I never get any invitations to any kind of local Birmingham FRUA events...maybe I have just been blacklisted...I dont' know! I wish I could start a local Kyrgyzstan adoption group...but it would be very small right now!

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