Friday, November 7, 2008


So for Halloween we dressed up 3 times...once for boy scouts on Monday, once for church on Wednesday and once for trick or treating on Friday. These pictures are from cub scouts. Lilianna won the costume contest last year as a pumpkin fairy, but didn't win this was a totally different contest. Last year everyone watched the contest and clapped to determine the winner...this year no one in the audience paid much attention and the daughter of one of the judges won...mmm ...not that I am a bitter backstage parent..but don't you think one of these cuties should have placed!
It has been a ridiculously long time since I posted anything here - I know. I have been ridiculously busy at work. I have been in the ICU for the lst three weeks and I have 2 more calls in there. There is just so much pain in the ICU....physical, emotional, intellectual....being up there takes way more energy than I truly want to spend at work. Call me lazy, but I don't want to come home to my family completely drained off all will to be awake.
I am digressing...Keith and I went as Mr and Mrs Incredible and thankfully I have no photos of it! Although I did buy some awesome boots off of Zappo's for "my costume"hahaha...i love that excuse. My costume came in one size...that size was 7 sizes bigger than my normal size so I was more oversize baggy girl instead of elastagirl. Keith's costume had built in muscles which were absolutely hilarious. He ran his pack meeting in his smooshy muscle costume it was hilarious....did I mention it being hilarious.
We were excited about trick or treating in our neighborhood this year becuase a lot of new families with kids moved in during the last year....but there was only one 2 year old girl that came to our door and then us. O had a "party" where one of the 8 people he invited showed up so we went trick or treating. When we went out trick or treating, the kids cleaned up...I say the kids like I am letting them eat all of their candy...hahaha. I am eating all of their big 10 pounds overweightness loves them for it! Lilianna gets halloween candy for her snack at school and a couple of pieces for dessert after dinner and lunch if she eats her veggies, and maybe a treat if she is being a good listener...everything else goes in my tummy....hahahah....I love halloween!
Benjamin went in the lion costume that really all of the kids have to rotate through! He was pretty cute.

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