Friday, November 7, 2008

hysterical things

I came home from a late night run to the grocery store to my husband wearing my pink sling with benjamin , his apnea monitor and his cell phone putting the clean dishes away.....I made a b-line for the was pertty funny. That is a dedicated dad.

We took Z to get his surgery today...we opted for just the ear tubes and adenoids and nixed the pun intended. It just seemed like the universe was conspiring against us having the circumsicion done...first I was on call that day, then the nurse thought we had called to cancel it but hadn't, then I wasn't on call, then I was on we just quit fighting and skipped the circumsicion.

Z is super sleepy but doing well and snoozing the afternoon away. We are still not done with the enormous amount of paperwork for our stupid homestudy...the dossier to kyrgyzstan is like nothing in comparison. It is starting to piss me off at the state of alabama even more.

I am not getting too pissed off because I know there is nothing moving in Kyrgyzstan so I don't feel the anger and frustration I would feel if Aaron could come home right now pending this stupid homestudy. So left on my list of homestudy crap is:
1. a guardianship form...someone our age has to sign a letter saying they would be the guardian is we both died and how much money they make...which has to be notarized.
2. I have to finish 10 hours of training and then wait 2-4 weeks for a stupid certificate
3. the financial form and the front page of our last 3 years of 1040's which is no big deal for me to get together...but I have sneaking suspicion that Keith doesn't actually have copies of these...I could be wrong...either way this won't take too long we just haven't done it yet.
4. the thing that is pissing me off the most is that 2 of our letters of reference are not in yet. Now if you are not going to have time to answer some questions and get it notarized (yes that part is totally annoying), don't agree to do it. While I know that Kyrgyzstan is not processing adoptions...our letter writers don't and for all they know their decision to lollilag is keeping our son in an orphanage...that is just rude.

We did get everyone to all of the doctors they needed to get to and our dossier medical form is just waiting to be notarized...which we will do closer to dossier submission time.

Benjamin is calling....

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Tapsalteerie said...

Man he's rockin' that pink sling :)

Hope you hear something from the reference letters soon. It would annoy me as well.

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