Sunday, November 23, 2008

Picture day

Today was picture day. We had the photographer we used last year come over today for our photo shoot. We needed pictures of the whole family for our dossier...we needed a picture of our whole family standing in front of our house. So we took some pics there and some on the swingset and a couple inside. Then Lilianna had a little photoshoot in her christmas dress because she really wanted to wear her christmas dress in the family pictures....but frankly she would have made the rest of us look like slobs.
I super bundled up Benjamin in a hat and a romper so the Kyrgyz MOE would know that I believe in bundling my kids up right! It was like 60 degrees here. I probably should have put a hat on Zeb now that I am thinking about it! Z also has a huge bruise on his forehead where he bonked his head. The photography said she could totally photoshop that bruise out....hurray! Maybe she could photoshop in a hat, scarf and gloves.

Everyone was really, really good for pictures. Zeb totally hammed it up, Benjamin even started smiling at the end and we got some more good shots of him in his bumpo seat. Lilianna was the star though...once she got in her dress. She was totally not feeling the model vibe in her dress down outfit. I can't wait to get them back. This photographer posts the pictures to a website and we log in and order...I can't wait. Last years pictures were totally awesome. We are hoping to make a Christmas card out of one of these pictures.

We did thoroughly clean our house in case we needed to take pictures I am going to walk around and take pictures for the rest of our dossier. I can't do Aaron's room yet because there are still no mattresses on the bunk bed. But we are working on it. We totally need to get Zeb into the real any moment he is going to figure out how to get out of the crib. I think he will be fine in the bed. Probably we will have to put a safety gate in front of his door to keep him from wondering out...but we can do that.


The Stevens said...

LMAO.....thats so funny about the photoshop touch-ups! I cant wait to see them! I bet they are precious! So i guess i am going to have to buy furniture for our kids room and decorate it huh for our dossier as well??? Interesting!!! Look forward to seeing you this coming up weekend! Until Happy Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

For Z's dossier I just put a picture of the guest bedroom and said that I was going to decorate it when I had a referral. I can't really pull that off this time though because we are no vacancy right now! That being is fun to decorate kids rooms!

tapsalteerie said...

We're doing a photoshoot this weekend (I think). I'm bad about doing the family shots (the last professional family pic we had done was in 2000. Seriously.

Anyway... you'll have to link to the pics when they come in!

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