Friday, November 7, 2008

Too cool for school

I was home from work the other day and took Lilianna to school. We got her all gussied up...mainly because I forgot to wash her hair the night I tried to disguise it with jewelry and flower barretts. She has been doing much better at school. She almost made it the whole week without losing a balloon. On friday though, she lost a balloon for sitting in the wrong chair in music class. She was sooooo sad because she said it was an accident and not fair to lose a balloon for an accident when she didn't have any bad behavior. My dad visited school with Lilianna and swears the teacher picks on her. I believe him...I have never liked her teacher....literally from the first time I met her at drop off your school supplied night. But, unfortunately, that is life and school is supposed to prepare you for life right?!
Keith is so funny about it....I expected him to be very level headed about the teacher being a big bully....I expected him to talk me down from my "I am going to write the principal" hissy fit...instead he was all indignant with was fun. In fact, I think he may be even more pissed off about her teacher than I am. The only reason we are not finding a way to switch her out of her class is because she really likes Ms Cole and her classmates..but if Aaron gets her as a teacher he is soooo moving out of her classroom.
She got her progress report and got all good grades for academics and bad grades for the following directions part. Evidently she is also graded on knowing her parents is literally on the grade card...knows parents names. She said she got confused and didn't know what name they were asking for for her dad's name. She just kept saying my name and Keith's name.
In other Lilianna news, she started dance and gymnastic classes on Tuesday's after school and loves them. She wants to do girl scouts too...but we are waiting to hear back about that. We got all of out winter shopping done and it was super fun. Whenever we go to Target...L is all about going to starbucks...the girls always go to starbucks in Target. The boys have to start shopping without us. It is nice to have girl time - I must admit. When the boys are old enough to appreciate that starbucks means chocolate chip cookies...I am sure it will be everybody but dad time at starbucks. The chocolate milk shirt in this picture is part of our winter clothes shopping bounty! If there were ever a little girl who should wear a chocolate milk t shirt it is Lilianna!

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