Saturday, November 15, 2008

Zeb and Aaron

Zebby is sooo totally in the terrible twos. I am now reminded of what a wonderfull time two is (that is just a little bit of sarcasm). What I do remember is how one morning I realized that Lilianna was no longer in the terrible twos and what a fun little girl she was. That realization is what sparked the desire to start the whole process to get Zeb.

As far as terrible twos goes...he really doesn't hold a candle to Lilianna. Z still does what we tell him to do for the most part...he just gets really uncontrollably upset when he doesn't get his way...not in a pouty, I want my own way kind of way....but in a my heart is broken kind of way. My house is full of little drama queens - seriously, my house is totally full of drama queens....I don't mean just the kids!

I was putting Z to bed tonight - the routine is that Z says goodnight to everyone and everyone gets a head bonk or a kiss goodnight then I take him in his bedroom and play the little rainforest music box thing and hold him and his pink star blanket and rock him back and forth until he is ready for bed and he reaches for his crib. While he has never fought attention, it took him almost a year to totally dissolve into my arms to be rocked at bedtime. As I was holding him tonight, rocking him, I was wondering how long it would take Aaron to cuddle with me or if he ever would. Lilianna is still a total cuddle monster and Aaron is only one month older than her. In our brief medical, we were told "He loves caress, attention; the boy is kind, sympathetic. He communicates well with children and adults". It really is a small thing to hold onto isn't it? Somehow, I am really holding onto it though....I am naively hoping that he will be a cuddler and want to melt into our arms.
Trust me, I know that that will probably not be the case and I am the kind of girl that expects and prepares for the worst case scenario...but as I was rocking Zeb to sleep tonight, I allowed myself the luxury of imagining Aaron falling asleep in my arms on the trip home from Kyrgyzstan.

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