Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As I am sitting here looking for bedding and cute 6 year old boy clothes....I just saw that Zutano's totally has preemie clothing that is soooo super cute....I totally missed my chance to buy expensive cute clothes for 4-8 pound babies darn it.


Could it be that we are finally going to have our home visit?! Yes it is true.

We have until next Tuesday....less than one week to clean the heck out of the house, buy mattresses for the bunk beds, bedding for the bunk beds, and did I mention clean the heck out of the house. We need to do a lot. There is the everyday, run of the mill cleaning that needs to be done....picking up as I like to call know putting everything in it's place, laundry, dusting, sweeping, vaccuming. Then there is the spring cleaning know....mopping, cleaning baseboards, walls, shampooing carpets (yes we have our own), the more easily seen windows. Then there is the real to do's - originally I wanted to repaint some of the walls.....there are color crayons on probably all of the walls downstairs....thanks to 2 rather inattentive babysitters who shall remain nameless and works of art on 2 of the upstairs walls. I think we may get to touching up the upstairs walls...but we are just going to have to scrub the downstairs ones and hope our sparkling personalities distract from the horror of the colored on walls.

there are a couple of little projects that need to be completed as well....I have got to get all of Z's pics and stuff into his life book. Seriously, can you get approved for a second adoption if you failed to compile a life book for your first adoption....I think there is a check mark somewhere for that on the official home visit is probably right next to the "took for santa pictures" box.
We also need to hang about a million family pictures we have. Our house literally has one multi-picture picture frame hanging and the rest of the walls are blank (except for the color crayons - of course!).

I am on call every second night this week...monday, wednesday, friday, sunday. I picked up an extra shift yesterday, and on thursday and Lilianna comes back from her dad's house on Monday...can i get everything done? I say yes.

As for Lilianna coming back on Monday....she has been gone since Xmas day and I can't wait for her to come back....I just home she doesn't have a difficult transition. Sometimes it is tough for her to get back into the routine here. She goes to her dad's and doesn't have to go to school, eat 3 big girl bites of eveything on her plate, go to bed at 8pm, cooperate with stinky brothers, nor is she expected to be a big girl at all. So, as you can imagine, she sometimes has a few issues getting back into the groove away from Lilianna-is-the-center-of-the-world-ville. I think there is probably a check mark for having to nap all of your kids during the first home visit.

I have so many things to obsess about it is great! Of course, my favorite thing to obsess about right now though is the bedding for the boy's bunk beds and what to bake right before the home visit to make my house smell homey....I am up for suggestions....maybe snickerdoodles or good old fashioned bread.

Friday, December 26, 2008


Z is piling his presents into his trailor. I had too many favorite pictures to post so I made a flikr set:
It has some of my favorite pictures. It was a really fun morning. We were very orderly for the first 2 presents that everyone opened then within like 5 minutes it was like a tornado flew into our living room...everybody was talking and ripping presents open - wrapping paper everywhere, babies howling, it was literally pandemonium as every kid tried to get help with a new present and each person was running in at least 2 different directions at one time. We had to abandon present opening and the parents had to retreat and regroup. Thank goodness Santa had the good forethought to completely open and hook up presents so we could initiate the emergency parent protocol...operation redirect to distract the older kids.
You will see from the pictures that our family now has Rock Band for O's PS2...and I am officially a junkie. O said today...."are you sure Santa brought this for me and not you....there wasn't a name on it....maybe it was your present". All I can say is that I made Keith and O go to walmart today and buy a second guitar for it. You would have to if you would have heard Keith singing Mississippi seriously.
It was a great day. I hope y'all had as wonderfull a day as I had. Of course, by Christmas baking plans (pound cake and norwegian kringler) fell to the bottom of my to do list as Rock Band world tour dominated the day. I am trying to catch up....everything is cooling now...but I think I burnt the pound cake. Oops.
As you look at pictures....just imagine how much better they would have been if everyone had been in matching footed christmas pajamas.....oh in two years watch out.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ready for Christmas

I just finished wrapping all of the presents and decorating my first cookie circle is a little lopsided but so am I! We spent way tooo much money on presents and it doesn't really look like that much...of course it will look way more magical tomorrow. It will look especially magical with the christmas tree lights on.
We didn't make it to sit on Santa's lap this year....does that make us bad parents....maybe our social worker won't recommend us as adoptive parents if we are missing a year of Santa pictures...


A little more Christmas spirit....all I can say is the rest of the kids better by glad that the Carter's outlet store didn't have this in all of their sizes!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The baby formerly known as cyberbaby

goodby old friend

Today my family said goodby to a part of the family that has been going with us everywhere for the last 5 months. Goodby apnea monitor. We were glad you were there so we could bring Benjamin home from the hospital 5 months ago. But I am so happy to say goodbye to cyberbaby. in the last 28 days Benjamin has grown 20 oz and had 0 episodes of apnea...he is decaffienated (for at least the next 10 years) and is a regular old baby. Merry Christmas to me.

Friday, December 12, 2008


I've been tagged by Mala (since I don't know how to embed links in my text...see at the sidebar!). I first met her online when she emailed me from a post on forums for kyrgyzstan. I was able to psychic-ly guess who her son was.

Rules of the tag: list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post by leaving their name as well as a link to their blog Let them know they've been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

I will be honest...this is really hard....a little over a year ago I did the 100 interesting facts about yourself and I could only think of like 70 so I think it is going to be really hard. All of the fun, crazy things are already out there. If you want to read them...I could embed it here...but I don't know how so instead click on the label tagged!

1. I love listening to the Christmas Music chanel on the radio -who knew so many people covered O Holy night. My favorite are the songs by Neil Diamond....he is Jewish and has Christmas it! Seriously, though I do love Neil Diamond.

2. I am going through a serious bout of nesting right now. Things are still stopped dead in kyrgyzstan ...but there seems to be a ray of hope of things starting to move in January. I talked to Karen today and have been baking since about 4 this is now 1020 and I am about to head to the store for more supplies.

3. I totally hate that stupid elf thing that all the kids have right now. My step son turned 9yo yesterday and tonight he had to put out crackers and water for his "elf" to eat. Santa clause...fine...put out some cookies....but he is totally a 9 yo boy playing with a dolls. Actually, I don't have a problem with a 9 yo boy playing with dolls....but he better not be calling my 2 yr old boy wearing my 5 year old daughters purple dress up shoes a sissy. Yes that was a run on at dinner O called Z a sissy because he was so excited to put on Lilianna's purple dress up shoes. Then O turns around and has to put out crackers to feed his doll.

4. I'm really whiny tonight....oh that is obvious...i don't need to put that on the list! So I totally am annoyed by teachers pets.....especially teachers pets that are the mom's of the kids in the class. Dude, you are 30 yo don't need to suck up and try to be the favorite mom of your daughter's kindergarten teacher. By the way...that suck up brought her daughter's elf to the class christmas party "look so and so...your elf is here....up on the shelf". I really can't explain my irrational dislike of those darn elves. I am sure they (teacher pet moms and elves) all hate the rebel mom who thumbs her nose at the "man" or the 40yo, 4 foot tall, 100kg , rainbow glass frame wearing school marm.....whichever the case may be. ooh I feel better already.

5. The first car I ever bought all on my own was a 2 door toyota echo...silver. I totally loved it. I don't think I will ever have a small car again though....too many kids. Although, Keith and I did talk breifly about getting a smart car for our 40 mile commute. I suppose it is a lot more likely we will get an even bigger vehicle of some sort.

6. I totally love being a land lord - even though we fell into it by necessity. I would like to keep it going.

7. I love reading celebrity gossip magazines and I think that Angelina Joli is super cool

Just about everyone I know has already been tagged either by this one already... so if you are reading this, have a blog and haven't been tagged by this one....please post here and then tell us 7 interesting things!

Friday, December 5, 2008

OB call

I have got to post some pictures of Zeb's birthday party...he full on put his head in his bowl of cake...I guess all 2 year olds do is definitely an obligatory toddler birthday shot! I am at work with no photos to I will muse on another thing I have been pondering lately.

Although we are not yet paper ready ... not even done with the insanity that is our homestudy...I have been very dismayed at the progress or lack thereof of other families adopting from Kyrgyzstan. Basically, there has been none. These things happen and I am not complaining about it....what I am going to complain about is my lack of foresight when we told the children about Aaron. They have all seen his picture and we have talked about him a lot. When we first got his referral, we weren't going to tell the kids until after our court date...I wish in retrospect we had stuck to that. We could have told the kids about adopting again and even about his age...but we should not have put a face and name to their new brother. Let's face it, in international adoption things happen. Things happened last time and they could very well happen this time.

If Aaron does not come home...if Kyrgyzstan doesn't reopen...if we lose his referral to another family who can travel sooner...whatever...I will be able to take it in stride because I understand that those things happen. I will think about him sometimes as I do my last lost referral and wonder about him and hope he is happy and healthy, but I will not be distraught and angry. I worry a little bit that it will be hard to explain those things to the kids though. I am just a little angry with myself that my excitement and desire to share details with my kids overran my better judgement to keep it more amorphous when discussing it with the kids.

We recently got family photos which are tremendously cute and O is so excited to pick out pictures to send to Aaron. I am glad he is excited...but I feel really guilty that he might not understand if anything goes wrong. It can be hard for adults to accept that kind of bad news, I am afraid it will be even harder to explain it to the kids if we have to.

All of this pondering aside, I am still feeling very positive that Aaron will come home, that adoptions will shortly resume in 2009 sometime. I am feeling the beginning of March for us...hopefully sooner for those waiting families with locked up dossiers!

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