Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Could it be that we are finally going to have our home visit?! Yes it is true.

We have until next Tuesday....less than one week to clean the heck out of the house, buy mattresses for the bunk beds, bedding for the bunk beds, and did I mention clean the heck out of the house. We need to do a lot. There is the everyday, run of the mill cleaning that needs to be done....picking up as I like to call know putting everything in it's place, laundry, dusting, sweeping, vaccuming. Then there is the spring cleaning know....mopping, cleaning baseboards, walls, shampooing carpets (yes we have our own), the more easily seen windows. Then there is the real to do's - originally I wanted to repaint some of the walls.....there are color crayons on probably all of the walls downstairs....thanks to 2 rather inattentive babysitters who shall remain nameless and works of art on 2 of the upstairs walls. I think we may get to touching up the upstairs walls...but we are just going to have to scrub the downstairs ones and hope our sparkling personalities distract from the horror of the colored on walls.

there are a couple of little projects that need to be completed as well....I have got to get all of Z's pics and stuff into his life book. Seriously, can you get approved for a second adoption if you failed to compile a life book for your first adoption....I think there is a check mark somewhere for that on the official home visit is probably right next to the "took for santa pictures" box.
We also need to hang about a million family pictures we have. Our house literally has one multi-picture picture frame hanging and the rest of the walls are blank (except for the color crayons - of course!).

I am on call every second night this week...monday, wednesday, friday, sunday. I picked up an extra shift yesterday, and on thursday and Lilianna comes back from her dad's house on Monday...can i get everything done? I say yes.

As for Lilianna coming back on Monday....she has been gone since Xmas day and I can't wait for her to come back....I just home she doesn't have a difficult transition. Sometimes it is tough for her to get back into the routine here. She goes to her dad's and doesn't have to go to school, eat 3 big girl bites of eveything on her plate, go to bed at 8pm, cooperate with stinky brothers, nor is she expected to be a big girl at all. So, as you can imagine, she sometimes has a few issues getting back into the groove away from Lilianna-is-the-center-of-the-world-ville. I think there is probably a check mark for having to nap all of your kids during the first home visit.

I have so many things to obsess about it is great! Of course, my favorite thing to obsess about right now though is the bedding for the boy's bunk beds and what to bake right before the home visit to make my house smell homey....I am up for suggestions....maybe snickerdoodles or good old fashioned bread.


Shannon said...

You will get it done and everything will be fabulous! I personally think a "lived in" look is better for the homestudy anyway. A few crayon marks on the walls lets her know that you can allow your kids to express themselves yet not let them completely trash the place. Don't forget, you've faced bigger obstacles and challenges over the last 2 years, this will be a piece of cake. After all, you never cease to impress the heck out of me and I've never even seen your house! :)

Anonymous said...

mr.clean magic erasers work really well to get crayon off

Michelle said...

I used the magic erasers on all of our white walls and door frames....but I was afraid to use it on the colored paint. Although I totally love magic erasers for everything!

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