Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Disneyworld pictures

I love this picture of Lilianna and O...they were building cars at the Lego store for racing...somehow the hang loose hand symbol started and I am not sure how or why! The rare, elusive smiling and non-tantrum throwing zeb was captured in these two pictures. He loves slides...he is just coming out of one of the slides at the Honey I shrunk the kids play area and in the top on he is waiting for the big kids to get their pictures taken with Bolt. Z was scared of all of the characters...although he was very brave at saying bye bye as they left...especially to Mickey Mouse who he seemed less scared of than others. For some reason he seemed most terrified of CHip and Dale and Lilo..I don't know why.
Lilianna was born to be pampered. At the bippity boppity boutique she was like an old pro...she leaned back and totally relaxed for her makeup application and had her hands ready for her manicure..it was sooo funny.
We literally took 258 pictures on our camera and also did the disney photo pass so there are about 90 pictures on there we need to go through and order...you can totally have them put pictures into a photo album for you....you can also do that at walmart...I am never making another phot album again....take that glue stick.


Shannon said...

Looks like a blast! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a 2+ year old specializing in tantrums. :)

Mala said...

Sounds like fun. We'll be there on Thursday. Yay!
Do you think the Bibbity Bopity Boutique is a must do?

Michelle said...

OMG bippity boppity boutique was totally the highlight of my trip. Seeing lilianna's excitement at becoming a princess was awesome and for the next 3 days (of princess dress and hair..literally) everyone who worked in the park called her princess and treated her special...parade characters, waiters, janitors...everyone. It was soo worth the $100 I spent on dress and makeover. They totally do it for boys...peter pan and prince charming and probably Zeb would love it...but i don't think it comes with the cache of being called princess by everyone in the park. Lilianna loved the attention.

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