Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The first home visit

Well...we spent so much time cleaning the house....I am sooooo happy in my clean house. There is just something about a super clean house...even the trash can was all sparkling clean and the washer and dryer were all dusted. I might try to have a home visit every couple of months just to get my house this clean. I digress....

The official totals on my poll were 5 for cookies, 3 for candles and one each for bread and crock pot meat and potatoes. I had planned to make cookies. I left work early about 230 to head home. There was terrible weather down here and at about 10 until 3 we got a call that Lilianna's after school care was I had to sit in car line for almost 30 minutes to pick her up and then race home to pick up the minor messes from the night before. So I never had time to bake cookies....we barely finished our dinner before she got there. I picked up the dishes quickly after she arrived. When I realized that the cookies weren't going to happen I quickly lit my delicious balsam and cedar candle which totally smells like christmas trees.

The kids were very major meltdowns...althought Lilianna kept insisting we play rock band for the social worker. We walked around the house. I almost didn't clean the laundry room...but at the last minute decided to clean it (hence the dusted up washer and dryer and sparkling garbage can)....and she opened that door to look inside.

Since we have been through an international adoption before she just kind of read off the checklist of things to talk about and touched on all of them very briefly. We are pretty knowledgeable about all of those issues...but it is always fun to talk international I would have like to have gabbed more. Zeb-zilla has this fun game where goes and gets all of the toys from his by one. He will go get one or two things and put them on the couch then use all of his might to climb up on the couch with me...for about 2 seconds...then decide he needs to go get more of his toys. He will climb down...go and get a couple more toys (one at a time) and climb back on the couch. That was the game while we were talking to the social worker. So...the house started out clean and ended up clean with a big pile of toys on the couch in the living room.

Our next home visit is two weeks from tonight...then we can send in our I600A....and wait for a couple more months! If anyone knows how long it is taking Atlanta to process I600A's....let me know! the website hasn't been updated since September 2008 (at which time they were processing March's applications).

I am on call tonight - tomorrow I will be off and packing like a madwoman for our very, very decadent disneyworld vacation. 9 days at Port Orleans in Disneyworld with a 9 year old, a 5 year old, a 2 year old and 6 month old. We leave Friday (9th) right after school and will get home late Sunday night....I will be back to work (on call) on the following Monday(19th). I think I will be way more tired than before we left....but I will have cute pictures and possibly a tan. My friend, Ryan, is getting married there - ish so it is a great excuse. We started out thinking we would just go for a long weekend....but for only a couple of hundred more we could go for 9 days....we are such suckers for a vacation.


Shannon said...

I knew it'd be great! You always manage to keep it all together even with unexpected challenges. I hope you have an amazing vacation!!

Tapsalteerie said...

I can't remember exactly but I think you can tell Atlanta that you've already accepted referral and they'll expedite your I600... or it might be something else... sorry... I'm rocking a killer headache and am not thinking straight. I just remember that I was desperate for our things to be done and mentioned to our HS provider that we really wanted to get the boys home and that's when she realized that we had already accepted referral and made a couple calls that expedited our stuff... it might be a South Carolina thing, but thought I'd let you know just in case.

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