Sunday, January 4, 2009

On Call

I was lucky enough to have the entire week of Christmas off....which means I have been on call every other night for the last week and I picked up 2 extra shifts on Tuesday and Thursday....which means I have worked 108 hours in the last that is alot. Of course I have done that before...but I am older now and much more decrepit!

I am supposed to be studying, but I am having a hard time staying awake.

Yesterday we tried to get everything done to make our house a shining example of wholesome, kid-friendliness. We were both kind of moving at half speed and Z was destroying at full speed....oh to have that energy. I do have the great pleasure to say that most of the crayon has come off the upstairs walls. One wall, the crayon came off with just soap and water. On the other wall I tried wd-40, soap and water and a dryer sheet. All of which I had read on E-how. There is still a little smudgy on that wall....but somehow I will survive.

We also bought the bedding for the bunk beds the other day and the mattresses on they are put together with beds made. It is amazing how much better a bunk bed frame looks with mattresses and quilts....especially after staring at the bunk bed frames for like 3 months in Z's room! I am at work or I would have takes a picture and posted it.

Although Zeb is really excited to have a bed in his room....I don't think he fully understands that it is for sleeping on. I haven't really ever had to transition a kid from crib to bed. My plan was to put his nap mat on the bed and then he would lay down on it to take a nap...fall asleep and I would pat myself on the back for how darn clever I was. can imagine how successful my plan was...or wasn't as the case may be! He had to go back in his crib for his nap. We didn't even try at bed time. I suppose I could google that for a while today to try to stay awake. Of course...any suggestions are welcome!

Our list of things to get done before Tuesday night has really dwindled down to re-cleaning tomorrow and on Tuesday the little things. Lilianna comes home from her dad's house tomorrow so we will have to unpack her and get her re-oriented. I am really glad I am post-call tomorrow so I can spend some time with her. I am hoping she will get home noon so I will have time to get the things done around the house that I need to get done and we can go get Starbucks together. Of course, she doesn't get coffee...she just likes to go with me and eat a cookie. I love my boys, but I love having girl time to go to Starbucks and shopping. Don't worry Keith...we are not going shopping too (at least we are not planning on it!)
I am going to go jog around the block a couple of times and try to wake up...ok I more power-walk...but the idea is the same.

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Tapsalteerie said...

Sophie loves Starbucks (or any coffeeshop for that matter too). I have a soft spot in my heart for a certain SB in G'ville... Sophie and I were sitting there in Feb 06 waiting to see a derm about a mole on Sophie's knee when I got the call that we had had our court date and were in the waiting phase before travelling for the boys... such a happy time! Sophie and I have been back there a couple times and sat at the same table... I'm a total sap I admit it :)

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