Sunday, January 4, 2009

the quilts

This is the quilt...we have the blue side up on the lower bunk and the red side up on the top bunk. Instead of the letters sheets we have sheets with red and blue stars on them. It is simple (and cheap...I admit it!) but it looks cute. We have a primary color plastic dresser and a bin holder that has primary color cloth bins already in the it all matches in a simple primary color kind of way.


Jackie said...

So many posts to catch up on with you ;) The bedding looks great!! I'm sure all will go well with your home study visit. For some reason I am craving fresh baked that's what I voted for on your poll.

Happy New Year!

Shannon said...

I think it looks great! Can't go wrong with primary colors - it always makes a room look cheerful and kid friendly. Hope all goes well tomorrow. I have no doubt she will be dazzled by your family!

Jes said...

I think they are lovely!


Tapsalteerie said...

Too cute! So it's not just a PJ's thing with the matchy matchy ;) My guys have matching/coordinating bedding on their bunkbeds too... I can't resist! Heaven help me if I ever have twins!

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