Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, Lilianna is getting into trouble at school again. She always falls of the wagon when she comes back from her dad's house...but going to disneyworld right after she had gotten back from her dad's house was a double whammy. So she actually ended up in the principal's office last week. She has a couple of things going against her...first of all....she loves people and friends and loves to talk. I don't want to say she is disrespectfull...but it can come off that way sometimes because she truly believes that her ideas and thoughts are as important as any adults ideas and thoughts. Part of me says....good for her.... and part of me says....sit down, be quiet and please don't get kicked out kindergarten! Lilianna is like me in that her eyes are very expressive....which is a bad thing when you are being yelled at by a teacher. I know this from first hand experience!
Lilianna is really bright....I am not biased at all....she just really struggles with the heirarchy and strictness at public school. I totally wish I could afford the super cool waldorf school I wanted to send her to here. I can't even imagine how much lilianna would love making costumes and acting out fairy much she would love growing and picking flowers in the school's much she would love learning how to cook small meals for lunch. I am kind of afraid of that if she fits into the mold of a well-behaved public school kindergartener...she won't be my vivacious little Lilly. She has such a super-wonderfull imagination and I am not so sure that it is fostered in her kindergarten class. However, I have very few options right now except to try to do activities with her at home in my limited time at home.
So i have spent my down time today trying to find fun and imagination -fostering activities. Especially ones that can incorporate a little learning. If you have ideas....please leave them!
I think we could read a short book, draw pictures of costumes and sets, make costumes and put on a play, we could start a small garden....(however I am a black thumb of doom for any plant life). We could learn about a culture and do the same things....baking, drawing, pictures....we could all use a little more Kyrgyz in our life...something for the old postplacement reports.
Lilianna is a firecracker, she is so sweet and full of love. She told me last night "Bethann never loses balloons and she said that she would teach me how to have good behavior on monday". She really wants to not get into trouble but she does love to socialize! I have to say it breaks my heart to see Lilianna want something so bad (not get into trouble at school) and not be able to help her achieve it.


Shannon said...

I call that spirit - at least at my house! :) E is similar (although much younger than L). He is so smart and so inquisitive. He gets bored very easily and really can't sit for more than a couple of minutes. While we don't allow him to be disrespectful (no hitting, kicking, throwing things, or sassing adults), I don't discourage him from moving around, using his imagination or being silly. I'm sure there are people out there who are ready to label him ADHD and think I'm a bad parent for not forcing him to conform to the "perfect" ideal, but for now, I will let him be crazy. He spend 12 months of his life laying flat on his back with nothing to do, no stimulation, and no love. Sounds like L is a very smart and joyful girl. Frankly, I think the world needs more silliness and creativity! :)

Drew and Rita said...

You may have a very intelligent child. I one one too. He is well past learning Kindergarten things. Consider gift testing/placement. Just a thought.

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