Thursday, January 29, 2009


Lilianna has done pretty good in school the last couple of days....but I did way too much research on homeschooling in the last week to not use some of it! We already had a membership to the online homeschool service time4learning. Lilianna loves it...she just played it every once in a while. We started doing it every night and she likes it even more now that she has figured out that if you do a lesson you can play in the playground area.
I also started reading to her everynight. I know....parents should do that anyway...but we are always struggling so hard to get everything done at night and get everyone to bed that it had become more the exception to the rule that I read her a little book. INstead of reading one of her short books everynight...I have decided to read a little bit of bigger books. Keith and O are reading the City of Ember I started reading it to Lilianna. I really wanted to read her the book I described in my last post....but I have no idea what it is. I also thought about getting the book "13 clocks". I found a super cool website for books in the waldorf tradition. The waldorf school in town is where I would love to send my kids...but alas... that is not to be! They have all kinds of folk tales and fairy tales that aren't all censored and candy-coated.
This weekend we are going to come up with a little calendar of activities. I think I will feel a lot better about Lilianna's education if we do more at home. That way if she isn't learning anything in least she will be learning something at home!
We also are cancelling our direct tv so we don't veg out (because it is soo easy to do).
I know there are some homeschoolers that stop in here every once in a while...I would love some pointers!


Tapsalteerie said...

We are officially pulling Xander out of preK on Monday. It seemed almost serendipitous that the whole field trip fiasco happened when tuition for next month is due on Monday.

Anyway, we homeschool using a really eclectic blend of Enki, Waldorf, online and just life-learning. Our two big online resources are Time4Learning and Starfall. Xander LOVES Starfall and it has printables etc. Sophie's been reading one of the books (currently Draw Dragon Dot Eyes) on there and has LOVED the section on artists and composers.

Enki curriculum is a little weird, but it borrows heavily from Waldorf. It didn't work as written for Sophie when I originally bought it, but she's responding to it better now.

Charlotte Mason is another literature based curriculum/style that you can look into. I have a couple homeschooling blogs linked on my blog that you can check out. Sally (Adventures in Living and Learning) has dabbled with a bunch of the Waldorf, Mason, Enki curriculums so she's a pretty good resource and she's cool... a good friend... just as weird as me :)

From the way you've described L it almost sounds like she's bored with her classes... like it's not moving fast enough for her learning style so supplementing her at home might be just the trick to keep her brain occupied :)

Michelle said...

The private school I totally wanted my kids to go to here is a waldorf school. We use time4learning and lilianna loves it...we will have to check out starfall...I think they might use it at Lilianna's school. I will have to check out Enki. Thanks for the suggestions!

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