Monday, January 26, 2009

What's the name of this book?!

I am trying to remember the name of a book I read many, many years ago. I think it may have been old then also. I don't remember the name, the author, or much about it...but I would love to read it to my I thought I would describe as much as I can remember about it and maybe it would sound familiar to someone.
I don't know if it is really based on a chinese fable...but it is written like one. There is a young boy who gets roped into an adventure for some reason that I can't remember by a grandfatherly like man he knows that turns out to be a wizard or magician. There is a female character in the book is pretty plain looking, but for some reason, men come from all over to bring her jade jewelry. When she gets the jewelry her face lights up in some sort of otherwordly joy...then it fades. The men are just captivated by this and just keep bringing her jade. In the end it turns out that she has some sort of Gods-induced amnesia and she is really a goddess who was madly in love with ...I don't know who and when she gets the jade jewelry it breifly reminds her of her powerfull love...but then the memory fades. Somehow the boy finding a treasure breaks the amnesia...I can remeber so few details!
I feel like the book had a super ridiculously long name, and the goddess fable at the end is probably some famous fable....but the book was really beautifully written with lots of cool imagery. The target audience for the book was definitely children - probably 4-5th grade kids.
Anyway, I will keep looking but it would be great if someone out there knew the name of the book.


Lisa Brotherton said...

Try looking on They have lots of picture books.

Tapsalteerie said...

I spent well over an hour searching for your book when I couldn't sleep after the farm "emergency" the other night and couldn't find anything :( I found a bunch of stories about Kuan Yin, and the Jade Goddess, but nothing that fit your description... I tried!

Michelle said...

Thanks guys! I appreciate the effort...I wasted hours online trying to find that stupid book...I wish I could remember more of the plot...there is something to do with pufferfish too but I can't exactly remember it. Hopefully it will just show up somewhere!

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