Sunday, February 8, 2009

Children's hospital

Today is my last day at Children's Hospital...I am sooo sad to leave. I have had such a great time coming to work for the last two months. Now I have to go back to UAB uggg. Working here is so laid back and fun - everyone has been so nice.
So, my little study break is to list all of the little things I will miss at Children's hospital:
1. Donuts...there are delicious, free donuts everyday in the OR physician's lounge.
2. Coffee...there is a flavia individual cup coffee maker thing that is awesome and they have unlimited little french vanilla creamers
3. Lunch..there is a physician lunch room with free food (ok most days it is not so appetizing) there is always free diet dr.pepper.
4.Sleeping on call...needs no explanation..although we are on call every 4th could be so much worse.
5. Attendings who have social skills....oh did I say that out loud. Seriously, there are some very good attendings at UAB..however, there are a couple that are soooo horrible they completely cancel the good ones out.
6. Cute little patients that when asked how they broke their arm reply.." i was pretending I was a monkey on a tree like this ooh oooh aaah...aaaah" cute.
7. You know how some people, myself included, love little baby feet or baby fingers...well I have to give a shout out to baby epiglottis-es...they are so tiny and bright pink...they are sooo cute. Of course in the wrong situation it is a little terrifying when that is all you can see. Yes...I know it is completely crazy but grown up eppiglotisses are all dark red and spitty....not cute at all.
8. I don't have to be here until 630-ish and I still have time to eat a donut or two before the first case.

So I will miss you Children's Hospital...I will be back sometime next year for 2 months and I can't wait.

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You have the letter H

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