Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In record time!

So we officially sent off our homestudy and USCIS application about 2 weeks ago...actually the homestudy left our agency's office on it's way to the DHR office that has to approve it on February 10th. We got our fingerprint appointment notification last Monday for an appointment on Feb 27th.....which of course I completely couldn't make.
So I was postcall on Thursday and Keith and I decided to just show up at the fingerprint office in Birmingham and see if we could knock it out...and they were more than happy to oblige. I had been warned that this office was notoriously bad for making people come at their appointed time...but we didn't find the workers there to be inconvenienced at all...everyone there was super....duper nice. I don't mean to sound mean....but it was like it wasn't even a government office!
Today I got an email that our Homestudy was approved by the state of Alabama last week and our homestudy forwarded to Atlanta last Friday. I know we are a great family and are perfectly suited to add more kids...but I always worry everytime I have to be approved for something. ..so I breathed a huge sigh of relief.
Our dossier has started the translation process...as soon as we get that pesky 171H we will get certified at the county and state and then off it goes for authentication at national and Kyrgyz Embassy.
I am sure right now there are very few documents getting authenticated at the Kyrgyz embassy...so that part will move pretty fast I hope!
I am excited to be through DHR...I was worried it could have taken 2-3 months. The Atlanta USCIS page says that it is 5 months behind in processing i600A's so I hope I am pleasantly surprised by them too!
Tonight Lilianna and I will be baking little king cakes to celebrate Mardi Gras...I will post what kind of disaster abounds!


Shannon said...

WOW - you go girl! I can't believe how fast all that happened. You are one step away from being "trapped" with the rest of us! :) Hopefully that I-171H will be in the mailbox in no time. Enjoy your King Cakes - yum.

Michelle said...

I like the company! I am still trying to travel with you somewhere..sometime!

Drew and Rita said...

We hope things start moving for our sake, and now for yours too! Rita

Mala said...

Yay! That's great. Here's to continued speediness!

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