Monday, February 23, 2009

Super Awesome weekend

Friday morning started out sketchy at best...I was running late and had a tire blowout about 5 minutes from home on I59. Keith had to get all of the kids up at 530 and come get me...however...he decided to get everyone ready for school first so I sat on the side of the road for 40 minutes while everyone ate breakfast bars. Keith is just used to getting everything probably didn't even occur to him that I was actually capable of getting the kids ready while he changed the tire....maybe I am not capable of getting the kids ready...I don't even know for sure. I am sure I am not capable of changing my tire!
I finally got to work...walked into my OR just as my attending was basically starting my case all by himself...I felt like a jack ass. I did call at like 545am when my tire blew...but didn't get to work until almost 9am...very bad beginning of the day.
I worked a little bit of overtime on Friday..about 5 hours worth then headed home.
Keith had bought Swiss Family Robinson and we watched that movie...I had forgotten how funny it was.
Saturday I was supposed to go to a review coarse...but instead I stayed home and had such a relaxing weekend. O had a basketball game at about 8 am so I stayed home with the other kids while Keith went to the game. When they got home around 10am...I had the house cleaned, the laundry 90% done and Lilianna was knee deep in time4learning. It was soo relaxing. Later some neighbor kids came over and harassed Keith downstairs for a while. We watched a movie Sat night with popcorn.
It was just a super relaxing weekend with a clean house....making it from stressfree. I had a really good weekend even though the Friday did not bode well.
It makes me that much more anxious to get out of my residency program and find a real job..where I get more than one weekend a month off.

It is such a super stressfull time thinking about what is going on in Kyrgyzstan - it was just nice weekend of stress-freeness.

We have the pinewood derby next weekend but other than that I am off again....yippee. Although I definitely need to pick up some needs a new pair of shoes!

I am on call in New Orleans tradition I will be staying up all night for Lundi Gras....Pardi Gras brah! haha. Another carnival season has passed with no King Cakes for me...I miss you Randazzo's King Cake!

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