Thursday, March 26, 2009


Of course, I can't share them here until Aaron is officially our son...but they are cute. He seems so much older than last August when we first got his picture. He is about 45 days older than Lilianna and I know she has grown sooo much in the last year. When we first started, my hope was to have him home before his birthday in June, then before school started next we are hoping for sometime before next Christmas. Of course, secretly I am still hoping for August (guess it's not a secret anymore)...maybe August 6th (Z's gotcha day).

I am really gratefull to the ladies that delivered our gifts to Aaron and took the pictures and another little video is on its way. I feel very lucky that the little Kyrgyzstan adoption community looks out for each other. I felt that way with Zeb's adoption too...I can't wait until I have more time and money and can harrass all of these great families in person.

There is one little picture where he is holding the dumbo and sitting on his bed and he is smiling isn't a superbig smile, but it looks really know there is a little smile in his eyes. I can't wait to hear more from these great women about their meeting with him...I figure i will give them a couple of days to reacclimate and get back to their lives before I start inundating them with questions!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

stuffed animal to Aaron

Ok so we recently sent a stuffed animal/frame to Aaron with a family photo in it and a letter a very nice native russian speaker translated for us. I had ordered the 101 dalmations frame and the dumbo frame showed up. We didn't have enough time to return it and get the we sent the dumbo frame. It was soft and huggable. what do you guys think...the puppy or the dumbo? I just got a brief email from a traveller who gave him the gift and surprisingly, they have their own lockers and he will be able to keep it for himself on his bed.
I have to admit, I have been a little onthe depressed side lately...not too bad....just a little overly pensive and even sullen...perhaps with a touch of melancholy. I would not go as far as to say there has been a touch of angst...but I have not been particularly bubbly. I think part of it is that I had the a lot of the weekend to think about it. When you spend the weekend interacting with only those younger than 3yrs old it gives you time to mull things over.
Now, Aaron is a little more aware of us....I am even more worried about adoptions restarting in Kyrgyzstan. No one wants to disappoint their kids and can you imagine a bigger disappointment than to think you are going to have a family and to have a picture of you family to be and then no one ever comes for you. We didn't say in our letter..."hey we are your new family" we just said that we know about you and think you are very special and hope to meet you soon or something very similar and then we labeled everyone in the picture. But, come on, he has to know. I was hesitant to send anything because I just don't want to be the cause of disappointment in any child's life.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Only me and the babies for Nooruz....

Today is is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan and many other is a secular holiday that is just a day to celebrate new beginnings (spring) and literally to be happy. I decided I would try to make one of the Kyrgyz recipes I have in my adoption notebook...but that didn't happen I was at work from 5am until 530pm. I was expecting to be off around noon-ish so I could go the grocery store we had rotisseree chicken from Walmart and delicious King's hawaiian sweet rolls. It was very good and I celebrated an already prepared dinner. I am going to make some of those just didn't happen today!

Keith took Owen to space camp in Huntsville this weekend and Lilianna is still at her dad's it is me and the babies all weekend. Keith joked that if Ben cried in the middle of the night it meant I had to get up and feed him....I may not be all that used to having to get up and feed ben in the middle of the night....someone may spoil me....

Everyone is in bed and I am contemplating either going to bed or cleaning the is mostly clean...i just need to clean up the dishes, do some laundry and clean Lilianna's disaster of a bedroom before she gets home on Sunday.

The last couple of days I have really been thinking about Aaron in Belovodsk. maybe it is because we sent him some stuff and he was getting it this week...I am not sure why. It seems so crazy that so many people have been waiting so long to bring their kids home from kyrgyzstan. I am 100% sure I don't have the same amount of patience as some of my fellow PAP's. There are a few people who are jumping out of the Kyrgyzstan program and starting either other international processes or running concurrent domestic attempts at adoption.

I have thought about it. I don't know if the state of alabama in it's paternalistic, megalomaniacal dictatorship of family growth...allows you to be waiting in multiple lines. I thought the new pilot program from Madagascar through CHSFS looked fun...then yesterday I started seeing things about a military coup in is also a hague country so goodby 1600-A hello I800A.
I still love Adoption Advocates International and their Ghana program or their new-ish thailand waiting child program. Although Thailand is also i800A territory. I sometimes toy around with domestic adoption...just because it is something totally new. We don't qualify to be foster parents or for foster to adopt so pretty much that just leaves infant adoption. I just don't know if we want another keith is getting older and needs his sleep (hahaha - because we all know who would have to get up in the middle of the night - the world's greatest dad!)

I may just have a short adoption attention span - probably because things change so fast in international adoption. We are staying the course for Aaron until he comes home or until Adoption Alliance tells us to give up. I totally understand anyone who changes their mind, and their program.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My advice to all women

Y'all totally need to marry and engineer/eagle scout. they are way amazing.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

pinewood derby day

So we had our pack pinewood derby 2 weeks ago and Lilianna'a car fouled out everytime. So Keith took half a day off this week to try to get everyone's car ready for districts which were today. He set up a track and did some practice runs after doing some special Keith pinewood derby voodoo....and Lilianna's car sped down the practice track and literally exploded at the end.......So today we took her car from last year out of retirement to run at districts.

We were both relieved when she got second place and a trophy. She walked around saying this was the greatest day of her life carrying her little trophy. Then her dad picked her up for a week at his house...and I am pretty sure all she has done for the last 4 hours while they are driving to new Orleans is talk about about her trophy.

I am sure all of the kids had a fun time. Owen came in second in his division and I came in trophy...but I got to stand up in the front with Lilianna and a 4 year old boy for pictures...I felt like a looooser...there should have been another little kid up there not a stinking grown-up. They should not have put the siblings and the adults in the same division...but what do I know.

L found a little girl to run around and play with all morning...there was a moonwalk and the 5 or so little girls kept kicking the older and rougher cubscouts out of the moonwalk so they could jump. I must say I have no worries at all about lilianna being able to make friends everywhere she goes.

Zeb held it together for most of the day which was a total plus and Benjamin was good as usual. Owen is getting to this wierd smack talking age. He is always talking smack about how good he is at one thing or another thing. At some point in the near future someone is going to set him straight and it is not going to be pretty.

A good mom would have some pictures from today....but we forgot all cameras. oops. Next year we are going to have to have 6 pine wood derby cars!

Friday, March 6, 2009

School bus part 3

Yeah....she made it home.

I got out of work early so I made it home by about 345 and called our babysitter (who lives across the street), took her our double stroller and then waited and watched surreptitiously out of our front window.

At about 4pm, Dee rolled out of her house with Ben sitting in the front seat of the stroller just pounding away on the little tray, Zeb was sitting in the back seat (it is a rear facing bench seat) with Dee's little yappie dog sitting next to him. About 5 minutes later they trot back up the street with Lilianna jumping along next to them and the 13 year old neighbor boy marching beside them playing his trumpet. It was quite a gathering. I think our neighbor is very excited to not be the only one riding the bus. In two weeks our next door neighbor who is 5th grade will start riding the bus too and going to Ms. Dee's house.

Anyway....I called Keith and mumbled cryptically....the package has been delivered...operation school bus is a success.

I will be heading over to get the kids as soon as Keith gets home so we can run some errands and have family night.

School bus part 2

So....being a little nervous about the big bus ride home...I called our babysitter like every 2 minutes after 4pm...and no Lilianna. Finally, Keith called me to let me know that the the principal called him because the bus driver wouldn't let Lilianna off the bus at our bus stop because there was noone there to meet her.

Of course, I talked to the secretary at the school when I was figuring out what we needed to do...and she never mentioned that someone had to be at the actual bus stop...our babysitter literally lives 6 houses away from the bus stop and was outside with the other kids when the bus came by. The principal was all....."you suck....why weren't you at the bus stop" and I was all...."you suck why didn't you tell me that when I called to ask" was great fun....and Keith was all...."you both suck because I didn't want lilianna to ride the bus in the first place and now I am inconvenienced" was a mess.

So I had to go to the school to pick lilianna up at the bus...then we had to wait 30 minutes for her principal to get back from McDonald's so I could sign her out of school....

So, today the babysitter will be at the bus stop at 4:06pm when the bus is supposed to be there.

Yesterday was also book fair at school and so Lilianna had $10 to spend - she bought 2 books and a little pink pen in a box that said world's greatest mom and the little clippy part of the pen says mom. It is the first mom gift Lilianna has ever bought of her own free will....I was touched. It is in my pocket right now. She is reading so well now...they have little stories up all over the walls of her school and she was reading them for is amazing the limitations on plot development when you can only use 3 letter words!

As long as this is becoming a kid update...Zeb has been talking up a storm. We went to Costco this weekend and splurged on a ginormous chocolate cake. When I picked up Z the other night from the babysitter, he kept saying "I wanna eat cake" he doesn't say chocolate yet...but he is close. It comes out like chockle. He is really making huge strides in the talking arena.

I have a big exam I am procrastinating. Must go study!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

uggg - school bus

Today Lilianna is riding the school bus home all by herself for the first time ever. I am a little worried about the one block walk down a completely residential street with no sidewalks (ok no traffic either). Of course, our babysitter is going to be outside waiting for her or walk with the other kids down to the bus stop....but still. OK...I know that when I was 5 I walked home from school all of the time and it was a lot further than Lilianna will be walking - with a lot more hazards ... busy streets, etc.
I guess I am really not that worried or I wouldn't be letting her do it. I think she needs to have more independence so she will become a little less frightened of my big girl will be riding the bus home from now on instead of going to after school care.

Monday, March 2, 2009


I have some pictures to post...our king cake and it snowed here yesterday and Lilianna enjoyed it immensely. Zeb is still a little too fond of warm fingers and toes to fully appreciate it...anyway I will have pictures soon of that.

A week or so ago, I purchase some books off of a website that has Waldorf teaching manuals and some folktale and fairy tale books. I bought a volume of Grimm's fairytales. Yesterday I read Rapunzel to Lilianna. It was not too dark..sure there was the Prince falling on thorns and blinding himself....but not too bad. Last night as a bed time story lilianna wanted me to read her another story out of we picked Cinderella. I warned her that it was not going to be like Disney's would be different. I knew it was different...but I don't think I had ever read the Grimm's version.

We are cruising is not too different - the mom dies at the beginning and the dad doesn't die he just remarries and basically disowns one point calls her a stunted kitchen witch my dead wife left behind...very nice. Then we get to the end when the step sisters are trying on the slipper....and each of them uses a knife to cut part of their foot off...but the prince figures it out because of blood staining their stocking and shoes...nice.

The best part is the end of the story which involves birds pecking out the eyes of the step sisters...replete with the only picture in the knowbirds pecking out eyes with blood dripping out of the eyes. Sweet dreams lilianna...I was totally expecting screams of terror inthe middle of the night.

After the story we had a breif discussion of symbolism and how the sisters found only beauty on the outside that you could see and didn't appreciate beauty from the inside like Cinderella they were now being forced to live out their lives without being able to judge things on their appearance.

Lilianna is so sweet...she said..."I don't think that is very nice because there must be some good in the step sisters". She was also confused about whether the birds were good or bad. The birds had taken care of Cinderella by giving her the dresses to wear and by keeping the prince from being beguiled by her step sisters...yet they did such a terrible thing as pecking out eyes.

The good news is she did not have nightmares and I do love the language of the fairy we will keep reading them..but I think I will make sure to read them first so I can be ready to talk to her about them afterward! I just hope I don't get a call from school today about Lilianna talking about birds pecking out eyeballs.

Seriously, the best part was that the picture of the eyeball pecking was the only picture.

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