Friday, March 20, 2009

Only me and the babies for Nooruz....

Today is is celebrated in Kyrgyzstan and many other is a secular holiday that is just a day to celebrate new beginnings (spring) and literally to be happy. I decided I would try to make one of the Kyrgyz recipes I have in my adoption notebook...but that didn't happen I was at work from 5am until 530pm. I was expecting to be off around noon-ish so I could go the grocery store we had rotisseree chicken from Walmart and delicious King's hawaiian sweet rolls. It was very good and I celebrated an already prepared dinner. I am going to make some of those just didn't happen today!

Keith took Owen to space camp in Huntsville this weekend and Lilianna is still at her dad's it is me and the babies all weekend. Keith joked that if Ben cried in the middle of the night it meant I had to get up and feed him....I may not be all that used to having to get up and feed ben in the middle of the night....someone may spoil me....

Everyone is in bed and I am contemplating either going to bed or cleaning the is mostly clean...i just need to clean up the dishes, do some laundry and clean Lilianna's disaster of a bedroom before she gets home on Sunday.

The last couple of days I have really been thinking about Aaron in Belovodsk. maybe it is because we sent him some stuff and he was getting it this week...I am not sure why. It seems so crazy that so many people have been waiting so long to bring their kids home from kyrgyzstan. I am 100% sure I don't have the same amount of patience as some of my fellow PAP's. There are a few people who are jumping out of the Kyrgyzstan program and starting either other international processes or running concurrent domestic attempts at adoption.

I have thought about it. I don't know if the state of alabama in it's paternalistic, megalomaniacal dictatorship of family growth...allows you to be waiting in multiple lines. I thought the new pilot program from Madagascar through CHSFS looked fun...then yesterday I started seeing things about a military coup in is also a hague country so goodby 1600-A hello I800A.
I still love Adoption Advocates International and their Ghana program or their new-ish thailand waiting child program. Although Thailand is also i800A territory. I sometimes toy around with domestic adoption...just because it is something totally new. We don't qualify to be foster parents or for foster to adopt so pretty much that just leaves infant adoption. I just don't know if we want another keith is getting older and needs his sleep (hahaha - because we all know who would have to get up in the middle of the night - the world's greatest dad!)

I may just have a short adoption attention span - probably because things change so fast in international adoption. We are staying the course for Aaron until he comes home or until Adoption Alliance tells us to give up. I totally understand anyone who changes their mind, and their program.


The Stevens said...
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The Stevens said...

Well I am glad to read that different countries and what shall i do goes through others minds. I definitely see us doing an international adoption ,but the process is soooooo we have decided to submit our information to project cuddle.......a domestic adoption group!!!...the place that is doing our home studies will do the legal paperwork for project cuddle if we get matched....Here are all the links....From what i hear they only have about 40 family applications waiting and a huge need for families to accept "all races and needs"..

Michelle said...

How funny...I was just looking at the project cuddle website 2 nights ago. I couldn't open the family kept giving me a bad link website. It seems like a great organization. Bethany Christian Services also has really great birthmom programs. The concurrent domestic adoption route is a good one. Want to hear all about it!

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