Monday, March 2, 2009


I have some pictures to post...our king cake and it snowed here yesterday and Lilianna enjoyed it immensely. Zeb is still a little too fond of warm fingers and toes to fully appreciate it...anyway I will have pictures soon of that.

A week or so ago, I purchase some books off of a website that has Waldorf teaching manuals and some folktale and fairy tale books. I bought a volume of Grimm's fairytales. Yesterday I read Rapunzel to Lilianna. It was not too dark..sure there was the Prince falling on thorns and blinding himself....but not too bad. Last night as a bed time story lilianna wanted me to read her another story out of we picked Cinderella. I warned her that it was not going to be like Disney's would be different. I knew it was different...but I don't think I had ever read the Grimm's version.

We are cruising is not too different - the mom dies at the beginning and the dad doesn't die he just remarries and basically disowns one point calls her a stunted kitchen witch my dead wife left behind...very nice. Then we get to the end when the step sisters are trying on the slipper....and each of them uses a knife to cut part of their foot off...but the prince figures it out because of blood staining their stocking and shoes...nice.

The best part is the end of the story which involves birds pecking out the eyes of the step sisters...replete with the only picture in the knowbirds pecking out eyes with blood dripping out of the eyes. Sweet dreams lilianna...I was totally expecting screams of terror inthe middle of the night.

After the story we had a breif discussion of symbolism and how the sisters found only beauty on the outside that you could see and didn't appreciate beauty from the inside like Cinderella they were now being forced to live out their lives without being able to judge things on their appearance.

Lilianna is so sweet...she said..."I don't think that is very nice because there must be some good in the step sisters". She was also confused about whether the birds were good or bad. The birds had taken care of Cinderella by giving her the dresses to wear and by keeping the prince from being beguiled by her step sisters...yet they did such a terrible thing as pecking out eyes.

The good news is she did not have nightmares and I do love the language of the fairy we will keep reading them..but I think I will make sure to read them first so I can be ready to talk to her about them afterward! I just hope I don't get a call from school today about Lilianna talking about birds pecking out eyeballs.

Seriously, the best part was that the picture of the eyeball pecking was the only picture.


Brand New Mama said...

So funny! My parents were into antiques and I discovered a Grimm's fairytale book in mom's stash all on my own when I was about 8. I thought it was so dirty. I would show my friends when they came over like it was some big secret.

Tapsalteerie said...

I love fairy tales and have soooo very many volumes that it's not funny! I love Grimms fairytales, partly because they are so gritty... some of them aren't really kids reading though.

My favorite fairytale from when I was little was Billy Beg and his Bull... look it up... it's got everything... friendship... dead animals... TALKING dead animals... lovely :)

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