Thursday, March 26, 2009


Of course, I can't share them here until Aaron is officially our son...but they are cute. He seems so much older than last August when we first got his picture. He is about 45 days older than Lilianna and I know she has grown sooo much in the last year. When we first started, my hope was to have him home before his birthday in June, then before school started next we are hoping for sometime before next Christmas. Of course, secretly I am still hoping for August (guess it's not a secret anymore)...maybe August 6th (Z's gotcha day).

I am really gratefull to the ladies that delivered our gifts to Aaron and took the pictures and another little video is on its way. I feel very lucky that the little Kyrgyzstan adoption community looks out for each other. I felt that way with Zeb's adoption too...I can't wait until I have more time and money and can harrass all of these great families in person.

There is one little picture where he is holding the dumbo and sitting on his bed and he is smiling isn't a superbig smile, but it looks really know there is a little smile in his eyes. I can't wait to hear more from these great women about their meeting with him...I figure i will give them a couple of days to reacclimate and get back to their lives before I start inundating them with questions!


Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

I hate the unknowing, unending wait! And Christmas was always my big thing so I just had to comment. When we were first married I wanted to be pregnant by Christmas '05, then it was have a baby by Christmas '06, then get pregnant by Christmas '06, then it was adopt a child by Christmas '06 (after the infertility diagnosis) then it was adopt by Christmas '07, then waittimes went up and it was just have a picture by Christmas '07, then it became at least be in process by Christmas '07. Luckily Ethiopia sped up and our son was home just over a month by Christmas '07. Now we're waiting for number two, this time by domestic adoption, and already I'm saying "maybe by Christmas..."

I'll keep my fingers crossed for August :)

Mala said...

That's wonderful! I remember getting pictures of Beck from the Stalls and Tina... Absolutely incredible feeling! *Maybe better than Christmas I dare say!* Such a gift!
So I totally can't wait for the big reveal! Praying for some positive speed!

Jes said...

He was a darling young man!! Very cute, very shy.

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