Saturday, March 14, 2009

pinewood derby day

So we had our pack pinewood derby 2 weeks ago and Lilianna'a car fouled out everytime. So Keith took half a day off this week to try to get everyone's car ready for districts which were today. He set up a track and did some practice runs after doing some special Keith pinewood derby voodoo....and Lilianna's car sped down the practice track and literally exploded at the end.......So today we took her car from last year out of retirement to run at districts.

We were both relieved when she got second place and a trophy. She walked around saying this was the greatest day of her life carrying her little trophy. Then her dad picked her up for a week at his house...and I am pretty sure all she has done for the last 4 hours while they are driving to new Orleans is talk about about her trophy.

I am sure all of the kids had a fun time. Owen came in second in his division and I came in trophy...but I got to stand up in the front with Lilianna and a 4 year old boy for pictures...I felt like a looooser...there should have been another little kid up there not a stinking grown-up. They should not have put the siblings and the adults in the same division...but what do I know.

L found a little girl to run around and play with all morning...there was a moonwalk and the 5 or so little girls kept kicking the older and rougher cubscouts out of the moonwalk so they could jump. I must say I have no worries at all about lilianna being able to make friends everywhere she goes.

Zeb held it together for most of the day which was a total plus and Benjamin was good as usual. Owen is getting to this wierd smack talking age. He is always talking smack about how good he is at one thing or another thing. At some point in the near future someone is going to set him straight and it is not going to be pretty.

A good mom would have some pictures from today....but we forgot all cameras. oops. Next year we are going to have to have 6 pine wood derby cars!

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