Friday, March 6, 2009

School bus part 2

So....being a little nervous about the big bus ride home...I called our babysitter like every 2 minutes after 4pm...and no Lilianna. Finally, Keith called me to let me know that the the principal called him because the bus driver wouldn't let Lilianna off the bus at our bus stop because there was noone there to meet her.

Of course, I talked to the secretary at the school when I was figuring out what we needed to do...and she never mentioned that someone had to be at the actual bus stop...our babysitter literally lives 6 houses away from the bus stop and was outside with the other kids when the bus came by. The principal was all....."you suck....why weren't you at the bus stop" and I was all...."you suck why didn't you tell me that when I called to ask" was great fun....and Keith was all...."you both suck because I didn't want lilianna to ride the bus in the first place and now I am inconvenienced" was a mess.

So I had to go to the school to pick lilianna up at the bus...then we had to wait 30 minutes for her principal to get back from McDonald's so I could sign her out of school....

So, today the babysitter will be at the bus stop at 4:06pm when the bus is supposed to be there.

Yesterday was also book fair at school and so Lilianna had $10 to spend - she bought 2 books and a little pink pen in a box that said world's greatest mom and the little clippy part of the pen says mom. It is the first mom gift Lilianna has ever bought of her own free will....I was touched. It is in my pocket right now. She is reading so well now...they have little stories up all over the walls of her school and she was reading them for is amazing the limitations on plot development when you can only use 3 letter words!

As long as this is becoming a kid update...Zeb has been talking up a storm. We went to Costco this weekend and splurged on a ginormous chocolate cake. When I picked up Z the other night from the babysitter, he kept saying "I wanna eat cake" he doesn't say chocolate yet...but he is close. It comes out like chockle. He is really making huge strides in the talking arena.

I have a big exam I am procrastinating. Must go study!

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Shannon said...

Oh my Lord - sounds like the school needs a lesson in communication! Glad L is safe, though, and hopefully there will be no more bus mishaps. That is soooo cool that she bought you an unsolicited gift - just the thought of it makes me melt. A few weeks ago, E told his teacher he wanted to "paint to mama". Translated that meant he wanted to paint mama a picture - I had a few little tears in my eyes when I picked him up and he was so proud to give it to me. :) Good to hear Zeb is turning so chatty - it's so fun to hear what's going to come out of their mouths next. I will say, though, ever since E has started assembling coherant sentences, he has been VERY opinionated and demanding! It's cute! :) Good luck on your exam!

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