Friday, March 6, 2009

School bus part 3

Yeah....she made it home.

I got out of work early so I made it home by about 345 and called our babysitter (who lives across the street), took her our double stroller and then waited and watched surreptitiously out of our front window.

At about 4pm, Dee rolled out of her house with Ben sitting in the front seat of the stroller just pounding away on the little tray, Zeb was sitting in the back seat (it is a rear facing bench seat) with Dee's little yappie dog sitting next to him. About 5 minutes later they trot back up the street with Lilianna jumping along next to them and the 13 year old neighbor boy marching beside them playing his trumpet. It was quite a gathering. I think our neighbor is very excited to not be the only one riding the bus. In two weeks our next door neighbor who is 5th grade will start riding the bus too and going to Ms. Dee's house.

Anyway....I called Keith and mumbled cryptically....the package has been delivered...operation school bus is a success.

I will be heading over to get the kids as soon as Keith gets home so we can run some errands and have family night.

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Tapsalteerie said...

Glad to see someone else who does cryptic spy messages. The first time Beckett pooped in the potty I sent Jim a text message that went something like: "Bomb in Bowl, Operation Clean Undies: Success"

Glad to see you got the kinks worked out with the bus thing!

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