Wednesday, March 25, 2009

stuffed animal to Aaron

Ok so we recently sent a stuffed animal/frame to Aaron with a family photo in it and a letter a very nice native russian speaker translated for us. I had ordered the 101 dalmations frame and the dumbo frame showed up. We didn't have enough time to return it and get the we sent the dumbo frame. It was soft and huggable. what do you guys think...the puppy or the dumbo? I just got a brief email from a traveller who gave him the gift and surprisingly, they have their own lockers and he will be able to keep it for himself on his bed.
I have to admit, I have been a little onthe depressed side lately...not too bad....just a little overly pensive and even sullen...perhaps with a touch of melancholy. I would not go as far as to say there has been a touch of angst...but I have not been particularly bubbly. I think part of it is that I had the a lot of the weekend to think about it. When you spend the weekend interacting with only those younger than 3yrs old it gives you time to mull things over.
Now, Aaron is a little more aware of us....I am even more worried about adoptions restarting in Kyrgyzstan. No one wants to disappoint their kids and can you imagine a bigger disappointment than to think you are going to have a family and to have a picture of you family to be and then no one ever comes for you. We didn't say in our letter..."hey we are your new family" we just said that we know about you and think you are very special and hope to meet you soon or something very similar and then we labeled everyone in the picture. But, come on, he has to know. I was hesitant to send anything because I just don't want to be the cause of disappointment in any child's life.


Shannon said...

They are both super cute and hey, for a kid who probably has nothing to call his own, I'm sure he loves the Dumbo and more importantly, the picture of you all!

Jackie said...

I love Dumbo. I am SURE the gift made him feel special :)

Megan, aka LadyofMoonlight said...

Honestly I like the Dumbo better :) It's so cute!

BTW, I'm a lurker and don't think I've said hey yet, so hi, I read your blog :)

Michelle said...

Hi Megan - I am feeling better about the dumbo...I can't wait to see the pictures.

Jes said...

He loved the Dumbo frame!!!!

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