Thursday, March 5, 2009

uggg - school bus

Today Lilianna is riding the school bus home all by herself for the first time ever. I am a little worried about the one block walk down a completely residential street with no sidewalks (ok no traffic either). Of course, our babysitter is going to be outside waiting for her or walk with the other kids down to the bus stop....but still. OK...I know that when I was 5 I walked home from school all of the time and it was a lot further than Lilianna will be walking - with a lot more hazards ... busy streets, etc.
I guess I am really not that worried or I wouldn't be letting her do it. I think she needs to have more independence so she will become a little less frightened of my big girl will be riding the bus home from now on instead of going to after school care.


Shannon said...

I would be freaking out! How'd she do?

Jackie said...

What a big girl!! How did the first bus ride go, Michelle?

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