Friday, April 10, 2009

From HIV to Home

For a mere $50 donation you can get this super cool necklace. I am hoping to get one for mother's day.....hint...hint.

we recently signed up with from hiv to home to walk to raise money for

I am not much of a fundraiser...seriously. I am the type of person who would rather write a check than try to raise funds. I think it stems from my shyness or my flawed over-independent streak (you know I don't need you I don't need anybody - type thing..insert slamming bedroom door here!). However, my family has signed up to participate in the walking kids home fundraiser because I really, really, really want to raise awareness not just money. Having HIV is NOT a death sentence, having an HIV positive child in your home does not pose a risk to your family as long as you act rationally.

We are not currently adopting an HIV positive child, I would not rule it out for the future. Even as a physician I had not seriously considered an HIV positive child before and I really was not familiar with the reality of raising an HIV positive child until I started researching it thanks to an internet acquaintance who is in the process of adopting an HIV positive kiddo. Through her blog and her experiences, it is something I would seriously consider in the future. So maybe there is someone reading this blog who thinks this necklace is cool (because it totally is) and will click on those links and learn a little bit more about HIV adoptions. Maybe if I can find someway to raise awareness around here, someone might talk to me, read the pamphlet and an HIV positive child might find a family.

I am still trying to figure out what I can do to start the conversation with people and raise awareness...I will update when I figure it out. If anyone has any suggestions I am all ears (or eyes in the comments section)

By the way, From HIV to home provides educational resources and helps raise money to help fund the adoptions of HIV positive kids. They create a community for parents who are interested in learning more about adopting HIV positive kids and they provide a community that helps you through the process and beyond the process.

I heard a PSA on NPR the other day..."don't almost give....give". You may have heard it before. I hadn't heard it before...but it is sooo me. I have good intentions and I certainly think big...but I haven't put nearly as much good in the world as I have intended to. I keep telling myself that as soon as my stupid residency is over and I have paid off my ridiculous bills I will be able to go big. Keith and I have even come up with this grandiose 5 year plan of getting everything in order financially so we can go on crazy mission trips. I think we can still plan big...but I need to do smaller, more doable things along the way. Yes, we do give money on a monthly basis to 3 different international children's organizations - but we can do more...I can do more.

Someone once told me I am too hard on myself and expect way too much from myself. Be that as it may....I want to somehow raise awareness on the total do-ableness of raising an HIV positive child.

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