Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It is as official as it gets

We are officially not in process in In October, the Kyrgyzstan Parliament is going to discuss reopening with new rules..if they reopen we will start again. In the meantime, I am going to find out how if there is anything I can do to help Aaron. I am thinking just sending him letters and small gifts and maybe hiring a know how I love education!
I am not giving up on him someday coming home to us...but I am a realist and there is no way Kyrgyzstan is going to process our adoption anytime in the near future. I suppose there is a chance that if a new party comes into power in the July elections things could change...but I am not holding my breath. So I don't really look at this as a lost referral...I am not losing the dream of Aaron coming home. I think it is only going to take a while...I am hoping a year...maybe he will be home by Christmas 2010, or his 8th birthday in 2011.... I don't know. That is it really...not knowing is the killer. Is this really a 6 month shut down or is it going to be a 10 year shut down.
I guess the question becomes should we move to another country so we can use our homestudy and newly acquired I600A approval (and possibly the adoption tax credit for 2009) or just shelve it. Keith and I haven't really had a chance to discuss it because we really only found out yesterday and I was on call. My inclination is to switch countries...of course, my second choice is having slow down problems of its own right now from what I can see.
Although, I was a little bit upset yesterday....I have been kind of expecting this news. Keith was holding out hope that because some of our paperwork was in Kyrgyzstan that we were going to be part of the in process crowd...but we are not. Our in country facilitator is great and I know that she has been and will continute to do everything she can ..but there is only so much one woman can do!
So I am not too upset today...I have a very busy week and we will just look around at our options...I contacted a couple of agencies with fairly reputable special needs programs, but I am still thinking about a certain country and we just have to think about what we want to do. I have today off to do like a million and 3 things so I am going to pump myself full of caffeine and get kicking!

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