Sunday, April 12, 2009


Right after we finished hiding the easter eggs I heard something in the bathroom and looked in to see Lilianna throwing up. She told me she was sick all night and was afraid to leave her bedroom because she thought if she did the Easter bunny wouldn't come. She threw up in her bed and just lay in her bed all night because she we had talked about her staying in her bed no matter what.

How many parents out there knew something like that was going to happen....bad mommy. i totally knew I needed to ammend that discussion...but she was already asleep when I went in to do it. I figured...she's asleep...what could happen. UG! After she threw up the second time we quick did Easter before she started feeling sick again.

I think she is starting to feel better though. I hope so because it is going to stink to call around to find an open pharmacy on Easter Sunday to call some Zofran in to! We also spent lots of time picking out an Easter dress, hat, purse and little sandals for her to wear to church today. i think she will be very sad to miss it!
We went to an easter party at our church yesterday - it was a little cold, but totally doable. The kids did easter egg hunts - they were divided by ages so we did Zeb's first, then Lilianna's then Owens so everyone could cheer each other on...that was a really nice way to do it. They also had an inflatable ginormous slide and an inflatable maze. lilianna spent an inordinate amount of time in the inflatable maze. We should have brought our camera to take some pictures ...but we are not the best picture might have guessed that! our church is really great for having things for kids.
I wore my pink "paper pregnant: adoption in progress" tshirt and a couple of people asked me about it. One woman asked me about it right after Zeb's egg hunt while we were walking back to the rest of the family. She said "can you get' em young there?"...for some reason that question made me a tad uncomfortable. I know she didn't mean to turn international adoption into shopping...but it kind of felt that way...yeah sure they have smalls, mediums, larges..they come in asian and white. I thinnk we all know that is not what I answered! I mentioned that in the past infant referrals were very common, but that they were undergoing some restructuring and I didn't know what the future would be for Kyrgyzstan adoption.


Mala said...

Poor L! As a kid I was very sick on two Easters... all linked, I believe, to some bad Peeps!

Hope she feels better soon!

Happy Easter.

Michelle said...

I highly suspect the candy hidden inside plastic eggs and strewn all over the dirty, wet, ground....but oh well! that which does not kill us makes us strong!

Shannon said...

An eventful holiday at your house - I would expect nothing less! :) Hope L is feeling better. Ben's looking cuter every day and Zeb reminds me sooo much of E - is he always so animated?!?!

Monica said...

Aww... you couldn't have known she would take it THAT seriously! Kids are so literal and believe SO stronglt. It's sweet.

Did she happen to eat anything with coconut or almonds in it.... like an Almond Joy easter candy bar?

I think we're going to hear soon that there is another problem with some nuts causing people to get sick.

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