Saturday, April 25, 2009

A roller coaster morning

So I packed the boys up to head to walmart to grab some junk food...yummm. I picked up the mail on the way out to the van and there was a letter form USCIS....YEAH!!!! then I opened it and it is an approval for 1600A...but it is on form I 797 which is a work visa form and it misspelled my last name.

ACK...I don't even know what to do and it is Saturday so noone is in any office anywhere. the way....Parliament discussed international adoption yesterday in Kyrgyzstan and my 1600 might not even matter because if our case isn't officially already logged in we have to wait until sometime after October when they decide if they are going to ratify the Hague at which time I will need to file a stupid 1800A instead of the I 600A that I may or may not have approval for right now...and who do I have to obsess about this guessed it...2 boys under the age of 3...and I am pretty sure the only thing Z cares about is more sunny D.

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Mala said...

I swear, SWEAR, they intentially mail those things out so they arrive on Saturdays!!!! ARGH!!!! That way they don't have to answer any calls from irrate people!!!!! Noooo, they make them wait a few days, stew, get ulcers!!! Back in the day, they totally screwed up my paperwork out of clear dumbass-ness and I had to steam over the weekend before I could call them on it!!! UGH! TOTALLY RUINED MY WEEKEND!

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