Saturday, May 2, 2009


Super cool and endless-ly youthfull Mala has outed me as Awe..summm. I am not quite sure why I am a queen of all things awe....summmmm....but who am I to argue?!

i have to think of 7 things that make me awesome.....that is going to be hard. I am rather humble ... for a queen that is. Seriously, it is hard because I don't necessarily think there is anything especially awesome about me.
1. I am not afraid to throw myself out there...whether it is an international adoption when I am a single mom, surgery resident. living with my parents...or deciding to randomly set up a booth on HIV+ adoptions at my church. Once I even decided to organize a 5K walk for an organization...having never done it before and doing it all by myself....that is is not is crazy. Is being crazy awe...summ?
2. I've lived in every region of the continental US except the Pacific coast....I am working on that..but not until retirement - ish time.
3. my family totally makes me awesome. Little spikey head speed scooter Ben; the dancing, super-expressive, sly little Zebby, and of course the drama queen of all drama queens and reader extraordinaire - Lilianna are all so awesome in their own right...I think I get some of their awesomeness just by proximity!
4. I was once cool...ok I am totally not cool now...but once I was cool and that has parlayed into my awesomeness as playing guitar on RockBand.
5. The kids think I am awesome because I recently taught them how to play a dumbed down version of craps. Downstairs, throwing dice at the wall with our poker chips. It is all pass line bets (no odds) and hard ways....I let O play whatever one roll bets he wants.
6. I quit my job to move across the country to go to medical school when i was 30yo. Again...just crazy.
7. Have been able to stay moderately sane in residency while going from one to 4 kids...hopefully 5 soon. Keith and I decided on 7 before we got married...he may be having second thoughts right about now...but too late!
I think that most of the supercool bloggers I follow have been annointed queens already...but here are my picks:
1. Shannon we have been through one and a half kyrgyzstan adoptions together...she is totally awesumm.
2. Shea - like she is ever going to blog again...with her new facebook obsession!
3.Tina who is soo crafty and makes me wish I had the crafty gene (which I clearly do time I made a halter top out of a duke of hazzard was bad and sooo good)
4. Anita she is awesumm for many, many reasons...
5. Suzanne B she has been working on bringing her daughter home since I was bringing home Zeb - she takes glamorous vacations and tangos.
6. Brand new mama (x2). She is very busy but is close to coming up for air I think!
7. John Wright OK I know he totally has more important things to do than a meme..but he is truly super awesome and we all know why...there are lots of people who could make that list for him!
Let there be awesomeness!


Mala said...

"endless-ly youthfull" is that some sort of code for "this chick is so freakin' immature!". cause if so, I'm OK with that : )
I always knew you were awe-summ... but now that I know you made clothing out of Dukes of Hazzard curtains... you may have to move up to whatever level is above queen!

Tapsalteerie said...

I'm dealing with the FB obsession... and thankfully it is waning. Although I will admit to enjoying the cow-milking-conversation-fodder (does that make sense?) that it provides.

Now I feel all obligated to blog.... ;)

Michelle said...

I've been working on cultivating the ability to guilt my children into things...and quite's not working so I thought i would try it on you Shea! would not think I was so awesome if you actually saw the halter top...duct tape was involved in the hemming of it...Tina is cringing now.

Anonymous said...

holy cow! Awe...smmmm!! ME?!?!?!?!

Michele, you are so awesome in so many ways that it would be hard to stop listing all the ways. First, you're so smart and funny, you're kind, compassionate and multi-talented. You finish what you start - you have an open heart and you're an awesome mom. PLUS, you were a punker. It doesn't get any better than that.

Anyway, thanks for the shout-out for my crafty self. I no longer have a paper chase, so all that energy has been transfered to fabric. Also....duct tape is allowed! In fact, I just saw a very cool dress made entirely of duct tape.

Mala, you're so not immature.

Shea, rock on with your FB...I love it!

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