Friday, May 29, 2009


Today we drove up to Chattanooga. We met up with a pair of fun women who are starting the process to adopt waiting kids from Thailand. Melissa and Nicole (who, by the way are not together..haha) met us at the aquarium. They met when they were adopting girls from Vietnam and their two girls are awesome. Lilianna and "the girls" as Lilianna was calling them...ran around together and had a great time. Zeb ran along imitating Lilianna like a good little brother! Zeb actually was really, really good. I kept saying to Keith...why couldn't he have been this good at is amazing the difference 6 months makes in the world of terrible twos! Benjamin was riding in the back pack and fell asleep in a great completely sprawled out way that was a tad disconcerting...I will post a picture of that. to my usual form I didn't take enough pictures...ok I only took 2 pictures...that is soooo pathetic. Nicole was a photo hopefully she will post some pictures and I can borrow them...or at least look at them!

I am a little bit jealous that they are getting going with their adoptions...while we have to wait until we are able to nail down some of the many uncertainties in our know....I need a job...we need to know if or where we are going to move to...if and when Aaron is coming home...little things like that!

As an aside....there were Kyrgyz officials in Washington, DC today and 6 families made our case for resuming adoptions from Kyrgyzstan. I am waiting to hear how that went...but I hope it went well...I really, really do. Here is my hope.....I get a job in Alabama, Aaron is home by Christmas, we start our Hague homestudy for the little girl in Thailand after Christmas, and I win the powerball tomorrow (because we bought a ticket in Tennessee!). I don't think that is asking too you?

After the aquarium we walked around a little bit. I was surprised at how really nice the immediate downtown area was. We got some Ben And Jerry's and then got some fudge at a little old school family owned fudge shop and then walked around, across the river on a pedestrian bridge. It was really beautiful and very relaxing. It was a super nice day.

The kids were sooo pooped and they slept most of the way home (only an hour and a half drive)...of course they are all awake now and ready to go for a while and I am ready to fall over. Keith is out mowing the lawn right now...even though it is almost dark and 750pm. We are having lunch guests over tomorrow and we have some housekeeping to work on before bed.

On monday I start working in the trauma/burn ICU and my free time will cease. It is 30-ish hours on without sleep and then a day off and then another 30-ish hours on. It is going to be 30 days of sleep deprived driving and childrearing....very safe parenting. Yippee! I actually really do like rotating through the ICU's I think if they were structured so that you didn't have to work for 36 hours straight it would be a really, really valuable and enjoyable experience....but what do I know!

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Nicole - Raising Animals said...

It was so nice to meet you guys in person!! I do have some great photos that I hope to get up over the weekend. I have our first homestudy meeting tomorrow morning and then finals for school on Saturday....I'm stressed to the max! Bear with me. :-)

(And thanks for clearing up the whole "not together" thing!! I just couldn't believe that!!)

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