Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Thursday is World AIDS Orphan day. Sometimes I am completely overwhelmed with how much I have...how much I use...how much I buy and consume....and how little so many people in the world have. Even though, on almost a monthly basis I feel go through a period of feeling ridiculously guilty that I drink a freaking $5 cup of coffee on almost a daily basis and there are mothers in Haiti watching their children die because they can't afford rice. Or mothers in Kyrgyzstan who are giving their babies to orphanages because they can't afford to raise them as a single mom. Still I drink a $5 cup of coffee on almost a daily basis...like I have done something to deserve it.

I give a little bit of money to stuff...is that supposed to make me a good person? What makes you a good person...good intentions....a piddly-ass amount of money that leaves your bank account every month to help orphans....making a trifold poster to try to educate and recruite people to help HIV+ kids? I don't do near enough to make this world a better place...
I am selfish, lazy, and very...very gluttonous. If you saw the ridiculous amount of literal...crap I have in my house you would be amazed...I am amazed.
I will be fasting on World AIDS Orphan day and I am going to put some serious, serious thought into what I can do ..... for real....that will make an impact on this world. Maybe I will come up with World AIDS Orphan resolutions to make a better world...like my new years resolution ...I will post them on Thursday and then publicly track how I do.


Shannon said...

AMEN, Sista! We are ALL guilty of the very things you've written about. I will join you tomorrow in support of World AIDS Orphan Day. :)

The Stevens said...

thats why the once a year Cup of Joe is a great idea, why cant we all give up something so small like our starbucks to change a life forever???

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