Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kindergarten graduation

I am pretty sure when I finished Kindergarten there was no "Kindergarten graduation" there is. There was a commercial where a guy is getting ready for an event...and looking a baby pictures and little kid pictures and thinking something seem like just yesterday we were dropping you off at kindergarten for the first think he is headed to like a high school graduation or a wedding or something...and it is kindergarten graduation.

OK is kindergarten. Although there was a little musical program...Lilianna is such a card...she was standing around talking to everyone and the second the music started she was all business......singing and doing the little hand movements...shaking her head. She was dressed as a butterfly. It was 4 different kindergarten classes in the program...then they called out each class and they stood in line waiting for the principal to call their names. Lilianna was standing...kind of biting her fingernails...then she saw us taking her picture and she was on...she started smiling and twisting around and was hysterical. I didn't get any really good pictures - unfortunately. I will survive!

It is amazing how quickly the kids grow up though....seriously. People used to tell me that when Lilianna was a baby...oh enjoy her now...they grow up sooo fast. I was all yeah ok ....but now I really believe them! Something about Lilianna's age right now that is so right on the cusp between little kid and big kid. 5 is a good age....I guess they are all good ages aren't they? Of course....anything that comes after potty training is especially good.

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Anonymous said...

It is true - they grow up so fast and every age is such a special age as you see them blossom!

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