Sunday, May 10, 2009

Middle of the night trauma call

Somewhere...near my hospital....a mother will get a call that her son died today. Someone got that call yesterday..only it was her teenage daughter. I will not miss seeing traumas. It does remind me how quickly your life can change and how quickly the people you love can be gone. So, everyone enjoy.....really enjoy and hug on and kiss, and play with your little loved ones today. I know that even in my very sleep deprived state I am going to enjoy mother's day and I am going to take the time to enjoy the wonderfull kids that make me a mom.

Even if my house is dirty - which I hope it has been cleaned by the magical house cleaning fairies - Oh I AM a dreamer - I am going to play puppy at the pet store with Lilianna and Zeb - I am going to lay around on the floor with Ben and let him climb all over me trying to stand up. I am not going to do the laundry, do the dishes, cook anything or even check my email. I am just going to enjoy all of the mom things that I sometimes may be too stressed out to enjoy.


Shannon said...

Heartbreaking and a good reminder to all of us. Enjoy your day with your precious little ones.

Michelle said...

It actually turned out to be seal that the zoo store that we played today...with Zeb and lilianna running around saying "arrr...arrr...arr"

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